2,000G aquarium is DONE!!

The fish are now in!

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The 2,000G aquarium is done! Filling with water right now!! Feels like this week has just flown by! I know some of you have been anticipating this even more than me, but im moving as fast as i can!
As you watch this, the tank continues to fill. Follow me on instagram and i’ll toss some pic up of it!

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  1. My story is nothing special, just depression because I lived alone since I was 17 and a common divorce story and possessive parents. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have my goldfish, I have them in front of my bed and they make my happy. I don't know what would have happened to me if I didn't have my goldfish, I could have gotten addicted to drugs like my friends.

  2. The background looks amazing..

    Its sort of a shame that you used white pond shield on the tank.. I think that Dark gray or even black would have looked so much better with that background..

  3. Have you thought of the onion plant – thats meant to be easy to grow and great for deep tanks – or do some lillies (lotus) in there, good for goldfish/koi ponds, so should handle the larger fish well… Just stick with tropical species and you should be fine.

    Anubias gigantea may also be a good choice, maybe also some amazon swords – with root tabs? Maybe some of the larger crypts (balansae?) and some aponogeton?

  4. Add a cluster of Madagascar lace plant bulbs. Maybe in more than one place. They can grow atleast a couple feet in length and do not require much light and are designed to manage the flow.


AquaPonics with Fish!

AquaPonics with Fish!

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Live Soft Shell Crab in the Markets of Ho Chi Minh