2,000 gallon aquarium scape is DONE! Aquarium gallery update

Today we have a look at everything i was able to get done this week in the aquarium gallery.

LIVE video of scaping:

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  1. This is much better than the live mock-up. The space under and behind the wood will give the tank the appearance of more depth as well as giving the fish more variety in their environment. I had a relatively smaller piece of Malaysian bogwood in a 40 g breeder – it's great wood no matter what size and will look great when the plants take hold. Looking forward to watching the rest of this series. Keep up the good work, you're helping way more people than you think.

  2. Joey, i just got loads of driftwoods from the beach and planning on to put em into my freshwater fish tank. Let me know what you think and can i simply put em in? Appreciate your reply boss.

  3. you gotta better eye for this but I thought that 2000g was ganna be saltwater and maybe the top right could be slid down so it's not as close too the wall but it's not really final yet I'm loving it man thinking outside the box im blown away lol my Oscars would be too

  4. Maybe add a pair of like convicts or something small to live in an around the wood, and breed out, the rays n arrowana should keep numbers in check, might add another level of interest. Just saying

  5. I love your gallery Joey!! Everything is coming together nicely. my only question is, "are you worried about the arowana jumping out?" Good luck with the rest of the build, cant wait to see the gallery completely finished!

  6. Wow, I love planted tanks and lots of wood and im not real keen on bare predator tanks (though I understand the reasons why) so I am super keen to see this set up and planted up! It's going to look awesome!

  7. I want to get a massive tank, maybe not this big and let two guppies populate it to see how that works but they would probably get all in bred and die huh?

  8. Hard to get a sense of the depth of the scape on camera, but it looks great!

    You probably already know this, but Purigen soaks up tannis like no other. I have used it several times. You can regen it once it gets completely exhausted and then put it back to work.

  9. Hey Joey you may want to put a barrier at the end of shelves closest to the 375 gallon tank. I could see something falling from them by accident and slamming onto your aquarium cover or splashing into it.