2,000 gallon aquarium, filtration and plumbing! UPDATE!!

In today’s update of the aquarium gallery, The running water and plumbing is almost done! Panels are ready to being installed! Final coat of epoxy has cured on the 2000 gallon monster fish tank, filtration is ready to be built and plumbing the tank has begun.
wife is also no longer angry with me for destroying the yard…

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  1. Hey man I'm trying to have an aquarium that is a swimming pool that is 86 in what would you advise for a heater I'm trying to keep koi and goldfish because I know that the fish water can't be really really cold so it has to have some sort of heater I plan to treat the water with a lot of water dechlorinated please contact me as soon as possible

  2. For the MP60s I'd make a thin acrylic box, put the motors inside and the heads on the outside with a total of 5 sides being available to you for adjustment of flow. That's just head placement on the box, of course you could move the whole box wherever you wanted if you suspend it from the ceiling just like a lighting fixture. Cleaning of the pumps would be easier and you'd be more flexible

  3. I would say paint the acrylic corner panels white, you'll regret it if you don't. This has been such a big project and you've been so patient, don't rush it now

  4. i think you'll just be making a risk having the mp60s setup that way what if the water pressure makes the corner pieces come off and cause a electrical problem with your beloved fish? why not get jebao ones and save risk.

  5. you have so many pumps, why not put 9 pumps in the tank.Three on each of the viable sides. Then use the controller to turn them on and off to keep a very movement of the water in teh tank. This will help remove dead spots etc. That's a lot of water to move, and a HUGE tank. You can't have too many pumps.

  6. drill the cerilick then sand the cerilick and the concrete then put your glue were you need it then drill the concret when the cerilick is on the con concrete.

  7. i was thinking you should maybe build a complete triangle-shaped box rather than just trying to attach it directly to the concrete…

    personally, if i was you, I'd be using a pump that's meant to be fully submerged on both sides, a panta rhei emc63 would look real nice on that tank haha, you'd only need like 2 i bet.

    the other solution i've seen is to just cut holes in the acrylic panels – basically router out holes to just make spots on the panel just under 1" depth and the wave pumps drop into the cutouts. its ugly though if you ever wanna remove em. truthfully i think it's probably the wrong wavepump for the tank's requirements but your solution will probably work.

  8. Are those wavemakers really not submersible? Pretty much all aquarium equipment I know is.
    If you goo with the silicone in corners. Make sure they have a drain, or splash and condensation will build up and wet your pump motors over time for sure.
    Or at least drop a water alarm down the channel.




LIVE 2,000 gallon filtration and aquarium viewing panel work!