I have been making this list for close to 2 years, hoping one day i will cover it. Today we finally do!
8 ways to cycle an aquarium:
How to treat ich:

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  1. idk if this is disrespectful but if i met you i wouldn’t think you didn’t pass high school you seem so smart that’s how u know high school teaches you nothing

  2. my goldfish has been in quarantine (ick, she has no spots anymore) and i noticed one of her fins is curling in, she doesnt seem bothered by it but its concerning any enlightenment? 🙁

  3. #6 – three letters: SAE. They aren't that big, but boy they can jump if they've got an inch of uncovered space.
    #8 – One time I almost poisoned my fish with bio CO_2, but if your CO_2 bomb setup has faulty vent, it's almost instant. #11 – There are "weekend" pellets. I'd recommend using them when leaving for more than 2 weeks. I almost lost a bunch of Boraras fish when I didn't use it and left them for 3 weeks.

  4. Just get salut water because of you use clean water ITS DIES my fish keep dying also 1 of my fish was eating another FISH It’s called fish eating or cannibal so my dad saw it and gave them to some won -.- wtf LIKE WHY WOULD THEY EAT EACH OTHER I NEVER SAW THAT WTF .-. right now ALL MOST LAL OF MY FISHY DIED

  5. Your energy and enthusiasm is always inspiring (exhausting to watch but i love it anyways lol) I started watching your videos a few years back and even with being in the hobby for ..alot of years .. I learn something new all the time. Thank you very much 🙂

  6. I've never cycled a tank and never had fish die and I've been doing this for over 10 years. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️I honestly don't use dechlorinator and wash my filters with tap water. I should make a channel called unconventional aquatics because I do things how people say not too and I have very beautiful Angel's that grow flawlessly. I don't see what people can be doing to have such failure.

  7. Diamond Tetra, Red Tail Tetra, Black Widow Tetra, Rosy Barb, white molly, black molly glow zebras , fancy tail guppies , a rainbow and a red tail shark. 34 in a ten gallon. Too much? They stay alive. Small fish for me. Big fish have a habit of roaming the river.

  8. Definitely a good list, though it's a shame some of these I ended up learning the hard way when I first started out maintaining an aquarium. But I'd like to think I've grown and improved over time from when I had my first tank and its school of corydoras catfish. The last members of that school are almost eight years old now.

  9. I'm having a milky water problem in a heavily planted tank with over an year old. Tried more water changes, filter is clean. I don't know what can be causing it. I didn't change anything in a long time.

  10. My advice is to make sure you do your research on what behavior to expect with each species you plan to keep, use that info to keep an eye out for stress warning signs (swimming weird, excessive aggression, ect.). Use their natural environments as inspiration for your decor. If a fish likes to dig, make sure they have substrate conducive to that. If they need hides, give them multiple options and watch to figure out what they like, experiment with different varieties of wood and rock to find what your fish enjoy. Feed them nutritious treats appropriate per fish (My ropefish love their bloodworms) Remember, the aquariums primary job isn’t to look drop dead gorgeous, its meant to be a happy healthy home, so don’t get upset if your fish likes moving things and are “messing up” your scape, it’s their house, not yours.
    Stress isn’t just stressful for fish, it can be deadly.


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