100 NEW aquarium FISH!!

100 NEW aquarium FISH!!

Today we unbox 100 new aquarium fish and plants!!

part 2:

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  1. So glad you're going with the arowana tank. It'll be great to see one at eye level! I'm guessing this is a male so you can always change the males over to get a different daddy when breeding! xx

  2. I just got my own ember tetras for my 20 gallon. I love their schooling behavior and they play nice with my other fish, but I cant find a food they enjoy eating. I've tried flakes, baby pellets, and algae wafers, but they mostly ignore it.

  3. Multiple videos saying to not keep Arowana in tanks with decor or in a planted tank etc on your channel… And now you're going to do this?

    You're losing it Joey.

  4. great video, my favorite fish I've seen you keep was the flowerhorns! all of them not just frank. I also keep and breed flowerhorns! I'm sorry to see you no longer keep them but I totally understand. You can always watch my videos if you ever feel the need to spend time with the breed again

  5. I'm so happy I've found your channel again, I used to watch your stuff a year ago but I stopped receiving your videos on my feed and I didn't subscribed then, know I am

  6. Practice what you preach brother, arowana do best in a bare bottom tank. I’d hate to see something happen like what happened with buddy in the 375 planted


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