100 FISH ADDED to planted aquarium! The king of DIY

Adding 100 fish to the 120 gallon planted aquarium. We also show new fish and UNBOX some plants!! Plus and update on the 300 gallon plywood aquarium.

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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The king of DIY


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  1. Joey would some sort of wireless microphone be any help. Not a techie so not sure. I'm forever turning the volume up and down. Love the channel. Keep up the fabulous work

  2. Tiger barbs can be a real pain with angels. With everything really. They’re so mean. I’ve actually kept them with African cichlids before because they were killing fish in the community tank and I needed to put them somewhere until i re-homed them. Good luck.

  3. I'm sure he's addressed it in another video, buuuuuuut what does Joey feed the fish that are too small to eat shrimp and whatnot? Specifically the smaller tetras and the guppies.

  4. Entertaining video as always.

    Ive recently uploaded a video of a dutch style aquascape setup, id appreciate it if you could take a minute to check it out.

    Thank you.

  5. Love the new Merch! Maybe in your next design it could be an Oscar, I know you could pull off an absolutely phenomenal design
    Also it would reach a wider target audience since more people keep Oscars than arowana or stingrays (just an idea)

    Loving the plywood aquarium, super excited to see that setup with the Oscars in there.
    Awesome content as always! Been a long time fan since your early days of "hello Joey here and welcome back" 🤣

  6. Hey fellow fish lovers. I have a question for you guys. I want to get a stiphodon goby to place in my planted 20 gallon long. However I don’t know much about the best surface agitators to get for him. Any advice on what the best affordable surface agitator would be? Thanks guys 🙂

  7. Blue tetras ? There are likely to be a variety of species sometimes sold under this name. Long ago I had some which were a shock – they looked like a community suitable small tetra, but turned out to have vicious little teeth which would sheer the fins off their tankmates. I've occasionally seen them offered in fish stores as a peaceful community fish, but with damaged tankmates. Hope that is not what you have.

  8. Just my opinion, the background on the planted tanks takes away/drowns the details in the driftwood, the moss, etc. A white background would make all the details pop.

  9. King of DIY, Ambassador of Aquariums, Emperor of Enthusiasm & Grand Warlord of Inspiration…
    …You wear a lot of hats, or should I say, crowns there Joey.
    Hell, I'm probably gonna have to save up & buy your book. Your a good teacher.
    I appreciate all the free knowledge. I have learned quite a bit from You.
    Next you should turn an entire bedroom into a giant aquarium. That would be a 1st!!

  10. Heads up: That Utricularia graminifolia can be tricky to grow. It's a carnivorous plant that grows in bogs with practically no nutrition in the soil, hence the carnivoiusness. I've had best results doing a dry start method in a 3 or 4+ inch layer or peat moss covered in a porous substrate like lava rock. They don't really have roots so it grows almost like a moss just latching on to whatever it can or happily floating around if it can't.



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