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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. I miss you brother!!! You've done wonderful works worldwide via just YouTube… You've done your part though and your videos are still changing lives especially as I see here in Jamaica! Be bless my brother we love you!!!! Aquaponics god… It is written, "ye are gods" you are the god of this profession now.

  2. Love the video man. Just a quick heads up, those worms are part of the nitrogen cycle and as long as there isn't any serious overpopulation, they should be a great addition to any aquaponics system. The bacteria in the worm digestive tracts break down solids in the system (such as fish poo) into nitrate and ammonium that the plants use. So seeing them in the system in a reasonable number is definitely a good thing.

  3. If they're that small, wouldn't they be tubiflex (as opposed to red worm wigglers)? But if it is, they're definitely not going after healthy roots. Seeing as they're utilized 8n vermicomposting, they'd be a welcomed addition to any farm (soil or aquaponic).

    The midge larvae is not segmented like worms, right? Like wigglers and tubiflex have segments like nightcrawlers, if I remember correctly; but the red worms (larvae) is just solid from end to end. Still, I believe your distinction about the wiggles as they swim is the best way to tell the difference.

    Quality content brother, as always. OMW to becoming a High Class Grower. Got me a car; time to get some quality petro…😏


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WE GOT NEW AQUARIUM FISH!!! The king of DIY unboxes fish tank supplies and aquarium fish

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