Using Pond Water In Aquaponics | Ask The Aquaponics God

Using Pond Water In Aquaponics | Ask The Aquaponics God

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  1. One consideration is if the pond has issues with excess nutrients because it's also used as the water source for livestock. If it's at a lower elevation than the rest of the property, then it would have more nutrients after a rain from livestock runoff. That's the case at my grandparents ranch. It wouldn't be as efficient as the systems Brooklyn advocates for, but it would be about the only scenario in which a pond could be used. I'd probably just plant a few fruiting trees near it up hill from it, then divert water to those on a timed basis. Use manure from the cattle stalls occasionally to supplement the fertilization of the trees. Keep the trees far enough from the pond so fruit doesn't fall in. Having the trees up hill allows unused water to flow back to the pond. If not too far away, some of the roots could reach to the pond and allow the trees to aid further in reducing the likely algae problems. I'm not an aquaponics expert in the least, Brooklyn is. I'm from a family of farmers and landscapers. I know a bit of traditional farming methods, which would be a better use of pond water as a supplement to traditional fertilizer methods.

  2. I was able to get a small pad of bacterium from Dallas Hydroponics. My plants started growing well right off the bat. It took my fish tank went clear and all the levels went to normal in about 3 days. Then my granddaughter poured a bunch of feed into the tank. I have had high Nitrite level since, but all the other metrics were normal.

  3. In my future AQP system, I will initially grow tomatoes, cucumbers (dutch bucket) and green leaves (dwc). Do you advise a sequence of how to do the plumbing? No filters, straight to the buckets? Does the distribution of water influence the distribution of nutrients in an aquaponic system? Thank you again and I'm still waiting for your other courses.

  4. Can you use worm tea or compost tea (2 tbsp molasses, 2 tbsp sea weed extract, 2lb cocoa peat, 3lb manure/ worm casting) to a 55gallon barrel once a week in aquaponics? Which tea brew may be more beneficial to the system? What are the benefits, negative effects? If so, will the benefits be significant? How will the fish react to this?

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