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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. Just recently decided to go all in a persue my dream of owning my own successful aquaponics farm i have two years to learn as much as I can before I go for it. Your teachings have helped so much!

  2. Hi Brooklyn, great content, Ive learned so much priceless information from your YT channel alone! I have a question for you that may or may not be a variable you've discussed before..

    How much does the depth of a DWC affect the ratio of feed per m2 introduced into the system?
    >> for example, DWCs are usually around 20-25cm deep. Over a DWC of say 15x2m, a 5cm depth difference equates to 1,500L..

    If I were feeding 60g/m2/day to two systems, one a 6000L DWC and one a 7500L, that 1500L difference feels like it likely messes around with the ppm I might expect to find in each system. Is there a way to accurately calculate that without doing it the hard way of just waiting and playing with the system? Am I even correct about the feeding ratio of x grams / m2 / day?> is there a g/m3/day formula?

    Would massively appreciate your help on this one , it's wrecking my head.
    Cheers mate!

  3. Heyyyy Brooklyn! So I know more about aquaponics (no hands on experience, strictly from you) more than hydroponics which ive started 3 systems of my own. Im trying to incorporate fish into my nft system, idk if this is even supposed to be done but thats what I'm here for lmbo can it be done?! Also how can i get in touch with you directly? I'd love to do a video interview, phn, whichever is easier for you. Im doing research for the market! Just graduated my class 3 weeks ago amd was handed an award from the mayor now im just getting as much research and experience done so I wont turn back into a biscuit headed grower and wont be walking again anyyyy time soon 😂😭 love you God cant wait to see you back on!

  4. Come on Man,
    Where are you? I NEED my Aquaponics Guru!!! 💣💥
    I'm almost finished constructing my "Ultimate (better than…🙉) Micro Aesthetic Townhome (under-the-radar🙈) Setup" but……
    Yo!!! Where the ** are you?!
    I Neeeed me sum advice any-the-ways….
    Jus'cause you've got a new job doesn't mean you can leave us stranded, bro!!!🙊
    Loose the hat and the G.I. Joe Cobra Bats chain….

  5. looking forward to more vid's my gracious instructor – couple questions in the meantime (two totally separate subjects) – 1) how small can you go 'inside' a home and still 'self' sustain? – 2) can you mix fish? (dozen cats and a few dozen blues?)

  6. I know what happened to you. The universe the almighty creator has revealed it to me. Please start now on the lonely but happier journey of doing as guided by the universal almighty creator. I apologise for my previous comments on your channel. No one will be able to pull you back to the world wide deception.

  7. Hi, Brooklyn.
    i live in Northern Europe and i am learning everything from your high quality and interesting videos. I am about to start setting my system up, just one question. Do i have to start with small fish babies, or i could just by some already somewhat grown fish, would that help me establish my system faster? Thank you and i hope this question finds you. Keep up!

  8. Hi Brother I miss your great videos thank you for your videos……. I understand those stiff neck , stubborn people…….. Let them go read so they know who they are.. Good day.

  9. Hey! I admire all your teachings on this earth. I am currently playing football in college. Majoring in Biology & Chemistry! If I have the opportunity to play in the National football league I’d like to donate to your company. Also I will be visiting your company in person sometime. Keep me in mind. AKA YOUR ADMIRER ✊🏾

  10. Dude come back

    I’ve beeeeen following you and I’m worried

    Are you okay?

    The Aquaponics is going well. I wanna build a Raft system outta a fridge soon. We miss you

  11. Hey, I just tried leaving a couple really good comments/questions on your Aquaponics Bead Filter Demo Episode 36 video, but they got shadow banned (the comment only shows up for me when I'm logged in, nobody else can see it). My roommate also tried leaving a comment there, but she was shadow banned too. We tried leaving comments under other people's accounts and we're not having problems there. Are you blocking comments for some reason?

  12. Hey Brooklyn, we miss your videos on Aquaponics. There's a recession coming and you have helped save some of our lives, just in case it's as bad as they say it will be. Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge. Hope to see something new soon. ❤❤👍

  13. Brooklyn, I don't always comment but I haven't seen any videos for a month and am hoping everything is going good for you and your just to busy to make videos.

    Thang for sharing and as always keepbuilding 👍

  14. Hey my favorite youtuber! Ive been thinking about you hard and waiting for a new video, not worried about you but concerned….i know the hurricane came through and did some work down there, forced some family of mine to move out of the state. Im really hoping your area wasnt hit and youre doing well! Can you let us know youre fine please? If you did get hit by the storm let us know that as well i will definitely help in any way that i can. We all look forward to seeing you and learning from you as often as possible! Take care Brooklyn we love you 💕

  15. Hey Brooklyn Hows it Going, jus cycled my Tank and ready tuh set up my Sump, I'm having difficulty finding your Video on the (SLO) Filter, Not Sure if u actually showed how to make it in video but if u May please Point me in the Right Direction I'd Be Greatly. Peace be onto u brother. Give thankx

  16. Everyone is saying that they miss you. We do miss your teachings. But you did what you where sent to do. You broke down the scriptures enough to give us the opportunity to break it down future. So for that I say thank you.

  17. Why do people say that small systems would most probably never have stable ph? I have a small 15 gallon system. My ph at night is 7.1 but tomorrow morning it drops to 6.5. There is no nitrites or nitrates in the system .

  18. In addition to my question about how many plants per square meter? Could you please consider the following: I am no taking any fish from the fish tank, I could be taking care of the fish and the take care of the water to use to grow my plants.

  19. Hey bud.. I started to follow you because I am taking about buying a small farm, .. Why don't u write a book? like Aquaponics for dummies ?

  20. But I have an important question It might no be that important to many people. The ratio 60/100 gr per square meter, how about the plants per square meter. The density for leafy greens would change this ratios in any way? Thank you.

  21. Thank you very much, this is very good information for me. Just playing with numbers I was able to estimate how much fish I need for a 2000 sf of growing area. when the fish reaches a weight of 500 gr (aprox. 1 lb). I need 1150 fish aprox. I hope I got it right.


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