Sump Tank Calculations | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep30

Sump Tank Calculations | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep30

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  1. Don't understand why you need to make that "Wooooooo" sound. I am not the sort that get annoyed easily, but I find those awful meaningless noise to be really annoying to be frank with you.

  2. So this flood and drain system, it seems to be more work. I'm assuming there would be a pump on a timer or a scheduled time to start the the pump manually. But the on and off of the pump wouldn't this cause the pump to wear out faster? ( I'm thinking in the same mindset of having a thermostat on auto or cutting it on and off which effects how much energy is used to start up then heat a house (and the effect on the bill) or wasted gas in a vehicle starting it up and cutting it off…I don't know if these two concepts match the idea of the pump in the system?) But would a continuous flow be more efficient?

  3. I have a question. Should I flood the media to the top or make the water go just 1 or 2 inches below surface? I was wondering if there could be humidity related diseases for the crops, specially when they are young and the leafs are very close to the media surface. Thanks a lot! your videos are awesome!

  4. This one is extremely important to pay attention to and save yourself a lot of work and headaches down the road. Double check your math also. Just like measuring twice and cutting once. I messed up and didn't carry a 1 and though I was OK with a buried sump tank, and the first time all the beds synch'd and dumped at the same time I had a flood. If you've ever dug in Alabama clay you know it's no picnic. lol Due to a concrete footing I couldn't put a second sump in the ground and had to instead re-do two media beds to a constant height configuration.

  5. Does incorporating worms and vermicompost have any benefits in any aquaponics system? If so, what changes need to be made from your standard model to accommodate them?

  6. Wow! Thanks for throwing this together so fast! Basically the magic number I need to be concerned with is 40%. There were a couple of things that I didn't detail on the diagram well enough, but the actual internal size (part the media is in would be 8' x 2'-8" x 12") The 12" would be the depth of the media, sorry for the confusion, but I can do the math with the 40% number for grow beds and tank. I will probably build a custom sump vs a prefab now to get to that size. I appreciate all the help and keep up the great work!!!




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