You’ve planted the same seeds on the same day but they are not all growing at the same rate. Why?

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  1. Why are my plants( that were germinated at same time and same seeds) are a different color? Light green in aquaponics ( dwc) and darker green in hydroponics. I can guess nutrition. What meters do I need and what other things it might be? And do the nutrition change from one end of the dwc to the other?

  2. Please correct me if I'm off, I'm a beginner. my thoughts on this, I would also check for where oxygen bubblers are and where PH is adjusted (if that occurs) i because t's possible to have pockets and gaps of oxygen and PH values, especially if the design isn't able to circulate 100% of the water. you might have pockets of stale water circulating within the system amongst stronger currents. if I'm wrong it could be because water diffuses water and chemicals well enough to overcome circulation limitations. let me know your thoughts

  3. Interesting…. seed vigor is something I feel like I should have figured out on my own in some way, shape or form. I've had this same issue in soil, never considered vigor back then.

    My first thought actually was root rot; thinking maybe the dissolved oxygen in the water wasn't spread or dispersed properly.

    Good news brother Brooklyn; got me a tote & some wood; getting some PVC next pay…. it's just a hooptie, but at least I won't be walking. And this is entry level, I know… but I'm going to start small with some feeders & some lettuce to get my feet wet. Thank you for all your help and advice these past few months. I'll be joining your site soon.

  4. Aquaponics. Where our seed grows, minus the hoes. Can you dig it? Brooklyn just lifts it. Just a little laugh about life on a raft. Stay vibrant. ✌😎

  5. If the issue were seed vigor, then wouldn't the variation be random? It looks like there are clear clusters of solid growth and then fading out to smaller and smaller.

    I would bet that there are grow lights being used and they don't provide even light coverage.

    If not that, then maybe some issue under the raft with how the water flows.

  6. Alright I've been watching your fine ass long enough to ask this. I haven't been able to find a video on it on your channel. Is it possible to recycle phosphorus in an aquaponics system? If not, are their ecologically friendly ways of getting it? (This question really applies to any nutrient, but I'm interested in phosphorus) Thanks! Just trying to not be a biscuit headed grower!

  7. I have noticed when using seed starting in the 1020 trays any seed that is in the middle of the tray tend to do much better due to getting better water from the seed starting tray sagging. Also using my heat mat with a sensor really helped.




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