Revised Aquaponics Blueprint Review | Ask The Aquaponics God

Revised Aquaponics Blueprint Review | Ask The Aquaponics God

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  1. Hi Brooklyn what Do you think of using styrofoam as a float raft in a closed loop system. I have a problem with all the chemicals been used. Do you have any Natural Alternatives I've heard that some styrofoam have fire retardant in them. Is there a chance of some type of cross-contamination? Love the channel keep up the great work one person can change the world. Kind regards Terron Titus Australia.

  2. Good Day. I have been looking at the HydroCycle Aquaponics Systems at;ft_ag_growing_supplies-ft_hydroponic_supplies;pg112663.html and Hydroponics equipment at;ft_ag_growing_supplies;ft_hydroponic_supplies.html is there something missing before I jump into ordering supplies? Or is these a complete system? PS I perfer the Aquaponic do to the fish. I like to also add shellfish will it change the system or make it better?

  3. What you are doing is good, but I just can't understand how you can go from Fisher of men to this. Why can't you not do both? I was wondering what the hell happened to you . You being dead even cross my mind. You could at least make a video letting us know that you was done teaching scriptures.

  4. 490.6kg of fish is fingerling / grown fish??
    If we r having 490.6kg fish per cycle
    daily feed = 1% of the grown fish mass = 4906g [grown fish]
    4906g feed can only support 65M² of growing space. correct?

  5. i have 40,000 litre pond with about 60 koi fish.

    i want to implement aquaponic system to help filter out the water whilts providing some educational benefits. i am hoping to grow veggies to feed the rabbits chooks and fish out of the system.. i am hoping to raise talapia so that children may come and catch the fish with simple bamboo rods and cook em fresh over a fire.

    with the limited amount of space i know that it wont be optimum to process 40k litres of water. we have an under gravel filtration sytem in the pond but lacks plants vegetation to further filter the water of nutrients.

    my question is would the veggies and fish be safe for human consumption in this enclosed environment where by the system is undersized.

    one other way i was planning to filter the water is using a underground flow system planted with vertiver grass in a gravel bed.

    Excess solids would be dumped into the banana circle for compost.

    Pond water would be used to water the landscaping and lawn and the pond will be replenished with water from the well.

  6. so much in love with this way off growing i have a big land plot in north of thailand and will love to make a farm build on this princip is it posible to buying a complete plant drawing to build after thank you so much all off you

  7. I am unclear about the math. Is it possible to provide numbers starting from tank capacity, like 5000lt, how much can be grown and what is bed size allowed for 5000 ltr capacity.
    Or can be made more simpler like, 100gal tank, what are the other specifications needed for remaining dependent/required items. Thank you very much all the information you being providing.

  8. Any specific reason that we do not see anyone in aquaponics using vertical towers in replacement of the floating rafts? Seems like you would experience and big increase in yield per M2.

  9. I think Mixed-Cell-Raceway designs are usually superior to round fish culture tanks:
    Why don't you cover the topics of Ricefield/Reed Bed (fresh water) and Seaweed (saltwater) Aquaponics?
    Why isn't anyone to include you saying anything about using an efficient domestic sewage treatment plant as ready-made filter?

  10. When calculating the annual fish weight (4,268.5 KG Annual Fish Weight in light green at about 10:37) where did the .5 KG figure come from? You mentioned combining the initial stocking weight, but that would be .05 KG. Did you mean to say desired harvest weight? Or did I miss something?

  11. I have built a spreadsheet that does the math for me based on your "How Many Fish" example. The one things that bothers me is I learned in your other videos is that it is feed that drives the system which in turn is driven by water volume to get to nutrients in parts per million. Yet the UVI Feeding Ratios are based on Meters squared, not volume. I get how M2 drives the fish and feed numbers based on your example. What it doesn't tell me is the depth of the UVI DWC beds which has to be the assumed depth for all DWC grow beds if M2 is to work as the driving calculation and the UVI Feed Ratios are to work. So can you tell me what the Depth of the UVI DWCs are? From there I can figure out the total water volume more or less and adjust the feed ratios for other types of systems or different depth DWCs. You showed this in episode 35 but the DWC bed you used in that example was 1 ft and the one in this video is 40CM. That is a huge difference and again why I say the M2 has to assume a set depth for the feed ratios to work. Thanks allot, you are really doing some great work with these videos. I am working my way up from the bottom, taking notes, and finding myself re-watching different ones as I continue to learn and better understand. Again, great job.

  12. Hello! Before jumping into this business, I have decided to spend more time on understanding how things work. Pretty sure the build of any sort won't take that much time but it's one mistake one goal and thus wastage of time and money.

    I have been thinking of somethings that are abit different after going through lots of your useful videos.

    Is it possible or more convinient to devide the fish-filter-sump system into many different systems? This means, I will end up having a few number of grow beds per fish-filter-sump system than having all the grow area in one big system? My concern here is that, if I have a system such as that in this video, it's easy to screw the whole system and kill everything but not likely when things are split. Do you believe the extra cost of piping, pumps and power required are worthy than risking the whole project when something bad happens?

    Secondly, is there a company offering electronic logging equipment for aquaponics? I would like to log each and a very useful parameter so that the real time data/recorded can be used or analysed to prevent bad things to happen as well as to increase efficiency, provide a wider picture on how to improve things. This system can assure that the people working on the plant are doing their job right by revising the history of each parameter.

    Your input is highly appreciated in advance.

  13. Your videos are great. They really help me design my (soon to come) (hopefully commercial) system. But I still have a problem with the UVI Feeding Rate Ratio: it's given in g/m²/day so how does it apply to NFT, zipgrow, vertical aeroponics…? And it feels like it should depend a lot on whether plants are vegetative or fruiting, and on how close together they grow (for example microgreens vs melons).




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