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  1. Great video, you really break things down. I just wanted to add that when sizing a biofilter, I think it helps to always just round up in all of your calculations and buy the next highest unit quantity of supplies you think you'll need. For example – did you calculate your feeding rate would produce 27 g of TAN per day? Round up to 30. Did you calculate that you'd need 1.3 cubic feet of biofilter media? Buy 2 cubic feet. Did you calculate that you'd need a 20 gallon container to house your biofilter media? Get a 30 gallon container. The "always round up" rule of thumb has simplified these sorts of things for me and those who I teach aquaponics to when it comes to designing systems.

  2. Why on earth are you still using a UV steralizer? Don't you know they cause issues with iron, manganese, zinc, and other nutrients chelation and thusly plant availability? If your going to call yourself the aquaponics god at least have a basic understanding of aquaponic chemistry. Leave the chemistry to the professionals.

  3. Hi there,
    very good day to you Michael
    i have excruciatingly gobsmacked by your drill in this subject, thank you very much.
    as a matter of fact, i would like to know if there are devices to measure the TAN amount in the grow bed subsequently we will be able to feedback or adjust the system day in day out?.

  4. Hi Brooklyn, great video. I have a question on cycling my biological system. I have your book and have designed and building a media system. It will have 10 300 litre grow beds, two FT, six tabby tanks (in sump) and about 30kg of fish (Wilson Leonard) with clarifier and mineralisation tank.
    I thought I’d cycle the media whilst constructing the FT, and have been adding ammonia for about 5 days. All my clay balls are from a friends previous aquaponics system, have been kept dry for 12 to 18 months. Water temp is about 12C, TAN up around 4ppm, nitrites rose to 0.25ppm. But my nitrates have risen already to around 120ppm, perhaps more, yes I need to add plants.
    Just wondering if the media will be full of spores and could cycle faster, or if the increasing nitrates is normal. Still not converting TAN yet.

  5. Thanks for dealing with the science of moving bed sizing. It's helpful as I work to design the system I'm putting together. Subscribed. Gonna go explore more of your videos and maybe sign up for the course. I like what you're trying to do here.

  6. Love your videos. Learning a ton. Can you do a video on all these equations that you explain that is needed For aquaponics or do I have to buy a program for the school of aquaponics? Thanks

  7. I have a question: if you are planning on expanding your setup over time, wouldn't it be cheaper to size the biological filter you will eventually need right away?

  8. I have been doing aquaponics since 2012 and I can smell Bullshit! from a distance, Brooklyn is as real as they come. No Bullishit Here! I did the free online course, If a seasoned campaigner like me can learn or at least be reminded of the fundamentals, then I suggest You subscribe to this channel and support this Brotha. Do the full course, I intend to, to learn and to support. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BROOKLYN. SHALOM

  9. Thank you for the useful info I use K1 in my hatchery and this will help me fine tune this system. once I get my green house up I will be using expanded shell for my grow beds along with floating rafts. The grow beds will be 55 gallon drums cut in half. What would be the calculations for that??

  10. Hi Brooklyn!
    Thanks for yet another informative video. You got the point thru very well 👍

    I do have a question about it though.
    I wonder if you flipped the gram numbers. As 29,4g is about a 20th part of 605g, shouldn't the calculation be 605 devided by 29,4 and not 29,4 devided by 605 and the correct answer should be 0,2057m3 ?

  11. 95% Extra? Try 2000% extra as that is 20 times what you actually need (0.05 vs 0.95) 95% more then 0.05 would be 0.975 by my math. I recently had an argument with my supervisor about this exact topic, he swears that having too much BSA causes ammonia spikes by starving the bacteria. In practice I did add more media to the system at work and it did significantly lower our chronically high ammonia, TAN reading dropped from 8.0ppm to 0.25ppm over the course of about three weeks.

  12. 15:05 you're not going to get more nitrifying bacteria if you have an excess amount of bio filtration….

    But I thought the amount of bacteria was directly related to the surface area & that all components of the system outside the tanks/ponds also produced some form of biological filtration in a limited capacity due to bacterial growth. I'm speaking outside of the filtration unit(s); like your PVC, beds, rafts, hydroton.. even lines that provide drip irrigation for those vertical towers. Aren't they all home to nitrifying bacteria? That being said, wouldn't the extra surface area provided by the "excess" biological filtration create more places for that bacteria to live?

    So is it safe to say that even with an excess of surface area, that the amount of bacteria present & thriving is also related to how much ammonia & ammonium is produced? In other words, if we remove our fish, crustaceans, amphibians or whatever else is producing our nitrogen, would this bacteria starve & die off?

  13. Hey Brooklyn. Is it possible to feed herbs and things like moranga to the fish long term and their flesh absorbs the medicinal compounds which can make their meat a superfood by default? My thinking is in line with the same way antibiotics, pesticides, and steroids as well as heavy metals have been found in most fish and meats.


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