Norway Commercial Aquaponics Blueprint Part 1 | Ask The aquaponics God

Norway Commercial Aquaponics Blueprint Part 1 | Ask The aquaponics God

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  1. I manage three systems for a correctional facility (two hydroponic and one aquaponic) and I agree that DWC is much more trouble free then NFT. If I had the materials right now I would tear out all of the NFT and replace it with DWC, simply a more reliable and stable method of growing. NFT has clogged up, frozen solid, and overflowed more times then I care to count while the DWC has performed exactly the same day in and day out since the system was built. I am not saying that someone could not design a better NFT then the amateur system that we have but not even a perfect NFT will outperform a DWC IMHO.

  2. I just found you Channel and Im Loving it!! Just would like to confirm that only this small biofilter can convert all the ammonia in this big system, is that correct??

  3. Hello my man. Love this biscuit head stuff man. Love your stuff. It energises me and I can't stop watching your videos. was wondering where I can buy your book though? And if you have any contact information about this guy in Norway? I live in Norway my self. Hope to hear from you. Cheers .

  4. I’m building a uvi unit, can I incorporate a large media bed before the degassing tank or will it disrupt the water flow and raise bad bacteria ?

  5. I don't run systems without media beds. They add too much to the system if done right, bio filtration being the big one, mineralization breakdown of waste that may be discarded from a mater filtration system otherwise, testing and/or planting of larger vegetation, and it's still productive space use. My biggest problem is placement. Some may not agree but I think DWC beds should be first to allow time and distance for breakdown. Media beds should be last. It works well for me but my school of thought is to keep everything in the system. I try not to remove solids as much as possible, that's plant food.

  6. waooo this man is the real thing in aquaponic . thanks you so much for taking you valuable time to help us to learn the principal and avance ways of aquaponic.

  7. I really lobe you videos sir..bery straight. Im planing to start aquaponics in small scale for now..and woth your helps me in the future business in aquaponics..thank you

  8. Hi to both you and friend from Norway. To friend from Norway, please reply me, I want to have interview with you for my thesis topic- “ Aquaponics in Hedmark”. And to the school of aquaponics , I also need help from you. Pls do help me, I will be with few questions related to this topic next time. email;

  9. Could they do 12 layers on the DWC? I think as soon as you said they should go with DWC it blew apart all their plans for going vertical. I agree with you completely, but would also have pushed the Tilapia even more for new people. It isn´t even the value of having them grow out so much faster, it is buffer they allow by being so tolerant of mistakes that cause temporary bad water conditions.

  10. Hi Brooklyn, I have learned a lot about Aquaponics from your videos. I have decided to go for a commercial setup. There I am thinking to grow tomatoes only and one type of fish that will be catfish in my system. Is it feasible to go for mono-cropping and catfish..?

  11. I agree with Brooklyn's evaluation and advices but I do also think Norway isn't Florida so both NTF and trouts should be much easier to cope with (and maybe tilapia would be more expensive than for most people due to the need to warm water to get decent growth. To stress one of Brooklyn's points: bad things WILL happen, so prepare redundant equipment (pumps, water lines, aeration) and add sensors through the system so that you can detect water flow problems and trigger an alarm.
    That said, a 12 layers NTF is going to be a complete mess to manage and to keep properly lit: you'll probably need elevator carts for workers, or you'll carousels (I've seen one in Abu Dhabi and I think I'd never want to take care of something like that ^^; ).
    Speaking of lighting: are you Christian planning to use artificial lighting during winter? I'm curious about that.

  12. glad you got these videos coming in for us, really learn here as a student. haven't setup my system yet, started the class modules, maybe a couple months I be ready after the classes. going to start with NFT, figure if I can master this first, the rest will come easy…peace.

  13. Dude, really? You should be true to these guys. Not only you don't tell much but you don't tell them the hard truth: they have it completely wrong in their design, which means their (little) knowledge of the topic will bring them to a mess if they build this thing, not understanding the reason of their failure. Biscuit headed growers come from biscuit headed consultant($) 🤔

  14. Thank you so much for the videos 🙂
    You mentioned that there are different feeding rates for media beds and DWC, I thought that the feeding rates were based on whether you are growing leafy greens and fruiting plants? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I am asking this question because I was planning on going with a hybrid system as well, media beds + DWC, media beds (continuous flow with air stones and air pump) for growing tomatoes & peppers and DWC for the leafy greens. Now that you explained fruiting crops can be grown in DWC as well, makes it more simple and I think Im going for DWC tomatoes and peppers too.

  15. Here's my two cents on the grow beds he has. Your right about getting that thing outta there it's gonna go anorobic for sure. I would use some solid waste filters that can be drained from the bottom so that you can collect the solid waste and sell it to gardeners or compost it for sale as well. I also agree on the dwc setup having floating rafts will be much easier.


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