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Media Bed, Aquariums, Cycling, and Feeding | ATAG

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  1. Hey Guys, thanks for sharing Brooklyn. I am interested in knowing how the water drains from the media bed that is found on the top shelf, you mentioned a gravity siphon ?? Does it look like a miniature bell siphon that empties the bed to the second grow bed? Thanks

  2. To get rid of the syphon sound you place elbows onto the drain pipe and drill a small hole at the top of the bend. This is called a duriso standpipe the issue is in such a shallow bed this is going to be very hard to do. The sound is from air getting trapped in the water flow and exiting. You need to create a way for the air to go up while water goes down wo sucking air. It’s common in aquarium sump setups for the syphoning water from the tank down to the sump. There are other methods that are much quieter but they are for creation of a full syphon. A duriso would be the best option in aquaponics where you don’t need the flow from having a full syphon.

    Hell there is another way that’s a cheap trick some do with aquariums.. place a t in the drain and run a second pipe above the water line. This would likely be easier to retrofit for proper water level as there is a learning curve with syphon type gravity drains to get the desired water column height.

  3. You told him he wouldn’t be able to grow some of those plants which I understand because of the space. However, the system I’m setting up I have the aquarium to the side and the grow bed with lights on a garage rack to the side. My thoughts to grow cucumbers was to attach a lattice board to the side and let the vines grow to the side. I just didn’t know if the tentacles from the vines need nutrients from ground or if the roots are suffice? Thoughts?

  4. I bet once he fixes all the faults you pointed out there wont be a deficiency. I would work that out before adding Epsom salt. Nice setup over all this was very educational.

  5. Hey Brooklyn, I have not tried this myself as I don't have a setup for it but I have heard that to lessen the Vortex sound (mainly for small systems) if you put a small pin hole in the bell so the air in take into the bell is a slow but not enough to break syphon then it can significantly lessen the noise. Might be something worth investigating.

  6. I would recommend that he throw some red wigglers into the grow beds and they will help allot in preventing anaerobic zones in the growbeds as they will get all over in there and keep things moving.

  7. the vortex sound comes from the sump pump and the water level which looks low. the sump MUST be covered and run 24/7. with a higher level in the sump the vortex sound will go away..
    also the water level in the main tank is too high. water should not be above the lip on the black border. the fish can jump out they way you have it.

    Been working on the media bed air cleaning at a friend's house since he has the space indoors, getting some footage together using koi and several media's so far it is working very well, need some more time and going to try a couple more setups.

  9. Another problem he will have is he is flooding his total media. He needs to make sure not to do this. More air will help his cycle as well.

  10. If you don't want to drill your overflow weir you could add a power head to the fish tank side to keep the solids in the water column so they make their way over the overflow to the pump. This will also add circulation and aeration to the fish tank side so it doesn't become hypoxic between flood/drain cycles. Alternatively, air stone(s) or air bar on a decent air pump may keep the bottom swept of solids in the same manner for less money, but if you are noise sensitive the power head is a better move.


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