Material To Avoid When Building An Aquaponics System 🤔 | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep7

Material To Avoid When Building An Aquaponics System 🤔 | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep7

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  1. hello sir i am about to invest in 1000 dollars in tarpaulin pond liner please tell me it is good pond liner or i should use anyother material for aquaponics tank or pond

  2. Can you use flex-seal to seal and waterproof concrete? Well, I know you can, but I mean; after it has cured, is it fish safe? Or does it leach out petroleum distillates?

  3. I got a question, is it possible to switch from hydroponics to aquaponics in the same system. I am thinking of building a system, but don't know if I'm up to aquaponics just yet.

  4. There are several YouTube videos showing a heater for aquaponics where a hot water heating element is positioned in a Y-junction of PVC pipe and water being pumped across the heater element. Is this a significant concern, with respect to heating element induced contamination? If so, is another viable option to place the subject heating unit in an external container (e.g. 55-gal drum) and pumping the warm water in the barrel through PEX piping (closed-loop) through a DWC and back to the external container comprising the heater? Other suggestions are welcome as well.

  5. The process that is used when making PVC pipes makes use of carcinogenic compounds that has a high probability of leaching when exposed to water. (That's why is always used for water flowing out of a house and never into one)
    Correct me if I'm wrong but HDPE is a better option
    We want to avoid growing cancer alongside our tomatoes

  6. Soooo much great info! You are helping to change our world my friend! I am officially hooked on aquaponics/permaculture/vermiculture, and bioponics!!! Just imagine a massive aquaponic system to grow industrial hemp to supplant the fuel, paper, and clothing industries!!! What a dream!!!

  7. Copper is not bad. Houses have copper plumbing. My house has copper plumbing for fresh drinking water. It would be prohibitively expensive for plumbing a pond system, but there's nothing wrong with it.

  8. Hello great work you are doing I must say. I have learnt a lot in a very short time that I discovered your videos. Would you advise the use of collapsible tarpaulin for raising of fish rather than plastic fish tanks? They are built into large rectangular boxes with metal stands for support.

  9. Isn't Aluminium creating a microscopic layer of Aluminiumoxide pretty quickly, so it prevents itself from futher oxidation ? Doesn't make that Aluminium pretty safe for use ?

  10. I going be building aquaculture system no grow beds. 1000 gal 4 ibc tanks and starting with 100 fish be raising them to about 2 lbs. wanting to use 55 gal plastic barrels for filters will the barrels be big enough? sump tank is about 100 gals

  11. The School of Aquaponics would stainless steel be safe to use in aquaponics? would you recommend using a stainless steel mesh on the output of the swirl filter to keep fine soilds from entering the grow beds .

  12. A friend gave me some HDPE 2 barrels that contained herbicide, they were manufactured in 08 and have been sitting empty since 09. If they are cleaned well do you think they will be safe to use in a system?

  13. there is a lot of background noise in your audio cause you raised the sound level in the postproduction. You should mayber introduce a background audio, music or similar to hide it a bit. 🙂 btw nice videos love the short form and clean and simple look.


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