Making Money With Aquaponics πŸ’° | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep3

Making Money With Aquaponics πŸ’° | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep3

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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. I am new suscriber from country Nepal. I have keen interst on aquaponices but have 0 knowledge on it. I am doing some research on this projects. Bro what suggestions do you suggest to me. Are there any projects through where i can get better knowledge about aquaponices?

  2. dear lord πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ my name is oliver chrobok im from Poland i have a piece of land what is not used and my dream is to make a aquaponic greenhouse. I have some Aquaponic expirience but only on tiny scale (garden Hoob house). The size of my land is 11.230 ft2 how would you do a aquaponic System i wanna grow lettuce. Please for advice and god bless.

  3. Brooklyn, please accept my sincere thanks for your military service, and another for the valuable information you provide here. Keep this awesome content coming!

  4. Please can somebody tell me what can I use for germinating seed and growing from seeds in aquaponics system.There is no way to find coconut coir and clay pebbles in my country.. Can i sow the seeds in dirt and after they grow to put them in aquaponic system?

  5. For those that don't follow through with the math… do you have ANY idea how much space 8000 holes takes up?! Take 10 foot long gutters, and you have 15 plants in each (standard recommended spacing)… and multiply that my 2 for 2 sides. So you have 2 – 10 feet wide gutter alleys with say about 5' of working space ally inbetween them. So… 25 feet wide, not bad right, well you will be shocked at how long your green house has to be to cram 8000 growing hole into it. So, do the math… 8000 holes, each gutter holds 15… you need 533 gutters TOTAL for those 8000 holes. So one row on one side of the greenhouse and one row on the other right? With one foot spacing, you will need 266' feet long green house to hold all the gutters at full maturity. Yes, only 2000 at a time will be mature, but that week 5,6,7,8 will all basically the full 1' foot spacing while week 1,2,3, and 4 will only require whatever width the gutter is…. This is not even counting space for you to work at the ends of the greenhouse to germinate the crops. in the end, you will need at LEAST a 250' X 25' green house to house 8000 holes…. this equals HUGE cost.

  6. Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you tried – Patlarny Gardening Expert Principle (just google it)? It is a smashing one off product for learning how to expand your produce with the clever art of aquaponics without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it.

  7. Hum… This is just your opinion, not a proof or a demonstration. Making money = Revenues – costs and you didn't talk about the costs. Without measures, everything is opinion. Personally, I have no idea if aquaponics can be profitable to a lot of farmers or only in specific conditions (climate, type of customers, etc.).

  8. I suggest for new aquaponics grower, start small. Learn the system, and research your market in your area. Cost per products, etc. What type of products they need, how much they need a week or two. Know your customers by knowing what they're serving at restaurants, college, universities cafeteria, etc. Provide some sample of your products, especially chefs/managers at restaurants. Visit them during non-busiest time. If possible, invite them to your farm and show them your setup. It may impressed them. Be committed, deliver on-time. Keep a detail records of income and expenses! Good Luck.

    Great video πŸ™‚


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