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  1. I am stocking a a 4'W x 4'D x 16'L (~7245L) pond with rainbow trout in a northern climate (5B). What should my individual fish harvest weight be? What kind of grow bed should I create with that amount of pond?

  2. Hi i have taken your online course and also enrolled for the forum. but i cannot access it as it says it hasn't been approved. I had few questions regarding. Could you please let me know how can i join the forum?

  3. Great Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this video, your calculations are off. Most AP users use Nile or blue tilapia which weigh 2-5kg (3.5kg ave) at harvest. This changes your answer drastically. Thus, making your total # of fish in 1000L tank will be approx. 17-20 fish. This is based on your dry erase board example calculations. My tilapia grow 4-6kg at harvest and I use 2082L (550gal) tank for 50 fish. That is 1 fish per 41.64L (11gal) of water. Go more than that and you will have problems with your chemistry and diseases. As you say, mother nature is not forgiving. But YOU ARE AN EXCELLENT TEACHER!!!!!!

  4. hi sir great video. thnks for using metric units . i have a small doubt . you said we can put 88 fish for 680g harvest size in a 1000l tank. does that mean we have to put 88 fish in their fingerling stage right from the beginning?? or can we add more fish(equals 60kg) at their early stage and later transfer some fish to other tanks thereby maintaing the 60kg all the time??

  5. Wwoooo! Hi! Brooklyn . I need some help regarding my nitrite level. M new into aquaponics and stared backyard system. It’s been three weeks since m cycling my system without any crops in it. M doing DWC/Floating raft system. Fish tank is 1000ltrs, fish stocking density is 3 kgs fingerlings, my ammonia shows less that 0.50ppm, nitrates less than 5ppm and nitrites above 5.0ppm. Every morning I wake up I get around 2-3 dead fingerlings, water pH 6-7, Tank temperature 23-24 degrees. Water pump 1800 l/h. What have I done wrong in here? Can u please help me out as my poor fishes are dying. I don’t want to be a biscuit headed grower. Thank you sir.

  6. Hi aquaponics God, what are your thoughts on worms in a growbed aquaponics system? Should they help eleviate some of the issues with solids systems like these have? Are they helpful sources of food for fish? What problems do they pose?

  7. Thank you Mr Brooklynn aka the Aquaponic God for making such great video on my query. I just love to see your videos based on queries of your subscribers.
    Thank you once again.

  8. Amazing info as always. Wow the potential I see for amazing systems is astounding. I found that I am running a stocking density that is so much lower than what you are recommending and I am getting decent results as is. I can’t wait to see how things go in the future. You are the best!

  9. Question. what other creatures and fish can be used in aquaponics beside tilapia. what about shrimp or crawfish? crabs? what about Salmon or trout. I'm fine with eating tilapia but my family doesn't really like it

  10. Yo man, your explanation is so simple and clear, a two year old can raise fish. Thank you so much. You may not know this but you really motivate alot of people. Keep it up brother.


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2 STINGRAYS GONE from aquarium

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