In this video I discuss how long one can go without feeding their fish and some of the occasions where one might have to go extended periods without feeding their fish.

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  1. In rainbow trout purging ( 7 days with daily water changes an the increase of butchers salt will assist in the removal of Ammonia in the fish.) This will help the dissolving of Ammonia in the fish which resides in the belly fat is where mostly issues of the pungent flavour come from.

  2. I just tried to float cucumber cantaloupe and tamato in my fish tank as a test to see if it works and how good it works they went crazy growing 3 times faster then dirt so i need to step up but do i need a air pump or will water circulation be enough

  3. These videos are so dope! The contrast between your freshhhh style and the practical/natural topic of aquaponics is hilarious. No one could possibly make AP systems cooler or more interesting!!πŸ€œπŸ€›πŸΎ

  4. i'm very new to aquaponics. looking to make very small system house, learn / practice. the Q is are there any odors good or bad in aquaponics?

  5. Hey I live in south Florida and I have a few questions unrelated to this video. What are electrical expenses operating a aquaponics system commercially for example fans,water pumps etc Anything electrical. Also water expenses like how often water evaporate or how often a vertical system or dwc system needs to be replenished.Β 

    I Also have your book and couldn't find what does aquaponics produce as far as brix wise on average what is your system producing brix wise I know that potassium is a mineral of concern in aquaponics system and potassium directly effects brix can you use your system as a reference for all these questions and a 1 acre greenhouse as a reference so we can calculate some of these expenses

  6. I’ve had serious struggles with an indoor system. Took a while to realize that my well water had nitrates in it. As a result, catfish just would not eat. Wasn’t concerned about weight, just survival. I easily had them going 8 weeks maybe pushing 12 without feeding. They can go a looong time and still live. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Oooo are those cucumbers? Nice

    This is good to know. I always wondered if the fish needed constant attention.

    So I can't give my fish three salty meals from McDonald's three times a day? πŸ˜†

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