Growing With 2in PVC Pipe | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep2

Growing With 2in PVC Pipe | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep2

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  1. So here's a stupid question; looks like you had a serious root ball in that 4" pipe, so how exactly do you manage roots so they don't get to that level? Pruning?

  2. This isn't about 2"pipe but it is in regards to the nft pvc system. I was considering reducing down to 1" at the transitions and integrating an in line aeration stone via t's in the reduced pipe. The thought is that this would maintain O2 levels throughout the system. I am only doing 4 levels so I am not sure if this would be necessary. Any input would be appreciated

  3. What circumference of pipe would you recommend to grow strawberries? I was reading the comments to this video, and I see that 4" was too small for someone's strawberries. I'd love to grow strawberries. Do you think 5" pvc pipe with 6" spacing would be sufficient to grow strawberries?

  4. Hi I am a hydroponic grower in Trinidad…and I use two inch pipe to grow all the crops you mentioned here…not hating here…just saying it's more than possible if you know how… would love to send you some pics to show that it is infact possible…

  5. If you is interested in aquaponics the best success that ive had was by following the Keiths Ponics Site (just google it) definately the no.1 course that I have ever tried.

  6. I made one of these but I've also been reading about food safe plastics and plastics that don't leach in water. I see people saying two different things some saying pvc can leach harmful substances and cause cancer and I'm not sure if I should continue to use a homemade pvc nft system or buy a professionally made one. Is pvc safe for hydroponics?

  7. Thank you for making amazing videos. My question if it hasn't already been covered is about filtration and ammonia build up. Will a fish tank filter remove nutrition required for plants?
    Question 2 is about how to avoid the build up of ammonia?

  8. I have been studying aquaponics over the last year and a half it is taken me this long to collect the majority of the material that I need to get started I have many questions and a fairly good understanding of how it works One of my questions has to do with the stocking of my fish there are a lot of people who have opinions I don't want an opinion I want an answer right now I have three 300 gallon tanks and I have a 400 gallon sump tank I have the material to build my swirl filter and I'm trying to design a bio filter as well to get started I am building beds that are 4 x 12' I have the supplies to build four of them I have just acquired 2 acres of property which is soon as I gain a little more experience I plan to start building a much larger system I cannot afford to waste time or money so my first question as I already bought out has to do with how many fish can I stock my 300 gallon tanks with? By the way I am a mere mortal , my wife set up my tablet my picture her name my name is Michael thank you in advance.



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