Fishless cycle and adding fish Afterwards | Ask The Aquaponics God

Fishless cycle and adding fish Afterwards | Ask The Aquaponics God

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  1. Thank you so much for all your videos, they have been most helpful in learning all this… we have just begun our first aquaponic system and are wondering… we added ammonia, bio critters in a bottle & a yucky filter from a friend's aquarium to cycle it… 75F water, 6.7 PH, good aeration, 300GPH flow for about 30 gallons so flow seems good… with the beneficial bacteria jump started in this way, I got a tiny spike in nitrites of barely non-blue color on api test, & nitrates began climbing within 3 days… never saw a real spike in nitrites, but nitrates are now constantly produced and no nitrites ever… does this mean we are likely cycled? Can it be this fast in good conditions? We plan to continue using ammonia for a couple weeks before adding fish, regardless. We have 1 video on our page if you want to see what my kids & I just built & I'd be most welcome to any input you could share. Looking forward to more of your videos.

  2. Serious question:

    Why do we waste so much energy (to make protein and all the stuff) to grow such complex beings as fish…when we just need them to produce amonia. (They die after a while and we wont even eat all that protein we wasted energy for)

    Isn't there a super simple bacteria, phytoplankton or algae that does the same single task way more efficiently? (And is propably is way more robust to non-optimal conditions than fish are?) O.0

  3. great vid ,but im having a problem in cycling my system an maintaining nitrate even though i have no plants in the system.After adding liquid ammonia i got a reading of 20ppm nitrate a few days later,i stop adding ammonia an added fish but no plants and my nitrate went down to 5ppm whats causing that?

  4. Why buying ? Your pee is ammonia, I just pee in the tank and it works great, (make sure you're healthy and takes no medication), it's also organic

  5. What are you talking about? Ammonium and ammonia are two different things, based on the PH. Ammonia is deadly to fish above 7 PH. Turns into nontoxic ammonium below 7 PH. Jeees

  6. hey I'm cycling my system right now. I started on the 20th of January. the pH is jumping between 8.0 to 8.4. ammonia is at 0.25 to 0.50 after 24 hours of adding 4.0 ppm of pure ammonia. I have a high range of nitrite( 1.0 – 2.0). nitrite wouldn't get any lower than that. however nitrate is so high( 80 to 160). my question is why do I have high range of nitrate when i still have high range of nitrite. note: low temp is 10 c° – 3c°
    high temp is 20c° – 27c°

  7. Urgent:
    I looked everywhere for ammonia but I could not find any.
    I live in Saudi Arabia and I'm sure I won't find ammonia no matter how hard I look. Is there any alternatives for ammonia or other source do ammonia?

  8. Ammonia with no surficants or other garbage can be found at Ace Hardware for around $5/gallon. Don't bother looking anywhere else, the other places all have surficants

  9. Brooklyn, I've been attending all the lessons at the schoooooool of aquaponics over the last few months and my system is almost finished. I watch everything you do in great detail and then re watch to absorb the information. I can't help but notice you have written 1.5lbs = 1.36 kg and therefore @1.5% body weight this equals 20g of food. Whoooo, bang. It should be 1.5kg = 0.680kg. So for 0.680kg of fish that should be about 13.6g of food according to one of your previous lessons if I've been listening. (Maybe that's where your 1.36 came from) Or am I still a biscuit head? Don't be afraid to tell me. Whooooooo!

  10. hey Brooklyn I love your videos very helpful ive been looking into aquaponics for about 2 months now and ive been thinking about starting a system up soon I was just wondering what would be the most efficient set up for someone who is only looking to grow maybe 5-6 plants at first with maybe potential to grow more plants in the future thank you for your videos and your time

  11. I am currently running a simple aquaponics with an ibc fish tank (200 gal & about 70 4-5in tilapia, radial flow filter), ibc growth media (6 in high with bell siphon), and thee NFT (3 in holes with 9 plants each). All draining into a sump tank (max 40 gallon, one pump split 3 ways). Right now, it's growing mainly tomato, cucumber, onion, and water spinach. Everything seems to be growing, but the tomato and cucumber is growing slower than my dirt garden. Do you think the system is adequate?

    I am thinking it's too much fish, especially with the warmer temperature now in So Cal. The tilapia are always hungry. I can add more 9-plants NFT anytime.

  12. Hey Aquaponic god!! Can you do a Aquaponic Blueprint design base on 2×300 Gal tanks with,( stock density, feed amounts, flow rates and fish to grow bed ratio).

  13. Joining the 2 questions, would you recommend starting a new system "fishless", adding liquid ammonia to reach the "target" concentration level while you're growing your first batch of plants, then add your first batch of fingerlings when the system is stable and the ammonia levels are again 0?
    Unless there's some issue I'm not seeing, this should take a lot of variables out of initial phase and make starting the system much easier, especially if adding fish to it every few days isn't doable (as I guess is for most people, given you can't go and add fish from random sources without being sure they're disease-free)

  14. Thank you for the content! It is awesome and just what this biscuit head needs. What's the pp mg/l to ppm conversion? Or does ppm=pp mg/l? All the tests kits I see use ppm and you use pp mg/l

  15. Thank you again for your videos !!

    Is there a specific place where people ask questions then you make videos because I have some interesting questions that might help everyone 🙂


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