Fish Tank To Grow Bed Ratio | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep11

Fish Tank To Grow Bed Ratio | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep11

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  1. It is easier to calculate projected amount of feed by grow bed surface area, that is how we do it at work. Of course some plants take up more nitrate then others so you have to take that into account as well.

  2. What I heard, what I learned, in the simplest thing for me, is exactly what you are presenting. Use a little common sense. A little water chemistry. Knowledge of plants and species of fish, and it's self-sufficient. Great video.

  3. I'm building a aquapondics system in a 800 sqft area. i have 264 gallong tanks for my fish.
    i'll have about 500 sqft of grow beds. how many tank would you suggest?

  4. Ok, you got me, I subscribed. You've stopped me becoming a biscuit head, right at the start of my aquaponics journey. Thanks for that – Science and reason FTW! 🙂

  5. This video had EXACTLY what i wanted to find out.
    and was the first video i clicked on – SUBSCRIIIIBED!
    Can't wait to have an indoor aquarium that literally FEEDS ME!
    And doesn't feed the ALGAE and MESS that you usually deal with in normal fish tanks haha

  6. Thanks for your videos they are very informative and helpful!!! I wanted to challenge your assertion regarding the need for​ a biological filter, according to this article ( ) biofilters are only required when the quality of the feed is inferior, apparently higher quality feed leads to a waste by-product that is easily broken down and filtered out via simple filtration methods such as a swirl bucket. What are your thoughts on this?

  7. in the immortal words of Barbie " math is hard".. Aquaponics is like almost everything in life, if you do the hard work upfront, you save a lot of mistakes, failures, time and money. I don´t want to call them sheep, but you see a lot of farmers that want to follow exactly what other people are doing without realizing that everyone has a different farm and you really have to understand and measure what is going on with your setup so you can adjust appropriately.

  8. I've got a 4 month old dwc with 9 square meters grow space (system also includes 500 gal fish tank [2 ibc totes], 55 gal solids filter, 55 gal bio filter containing 2 bird nets, and a 35 gal degasser feeding the dwc). Based on the grow space, I should be feeding about 60g/sq meter/day, or 540 g per day. Currently I'm running the system at about 1/10 the feed rate and 1/10 the fish mass (i.e., the mass of fish that 60 g will feed fish daily at a rate of 1.5% the biomass). The problem I'm having is, this quantity of fish food & fish is creating 80 ppm nitrates, so I've not added more fish. My pH is correct, so that's not the reason the plants aren't taking up the nutrients. At this point, my roots are not pristine white either. Any idea what is wrong with the system?

  9. You're making it way too complicated maybe it's just me but I do not understand how am I supposed to know how much the fish weighs I have a 55 gallon long fish tank and I have 6 4inch fish in it and 2 1inch fish in the tank could you explain it in that way for me please I always heard each inch of fish needs 10 gallons of water but with aquaponics you can put a lot more because your plants are constantly filtering and cleaning the tank by absorbing the urine and I made a separate filter to soak up all the fish waste into sponges and lava rocks and it holds the waist and allows the water to flow back out into my grow beds I do not clean that filter so it can breed natural bacteria my plants are doing good

  10. Depending on the age of the fish, the feed rate as a % of body weight changes but the absolute Kilograms of feed used keeps increasing. Take on average 3% of the feed weight as the weight of Ammonia produced. For every 17 grams Ammonia you will get 41 grams of Nitrates (2.5 times higher). On an average 1 sq meter of Bed will absorb 3.5 grams of nitrates. If you have 4 or more staggered tank, you can approximate the average feed weight to calculate average Ammonia produced.

  11. Hi Aquaponics God Brooklyn! I have a question, you say that 10pounds of young fish can produce more ammonia than 10 pounds of adult fish because young fish eat more feed than adults. So, is 10 pounds of young plants can consume more nutrients than adult plants? Peace.

  12. Question: could the sq foot od bsa be lowered or higher depending what youbare growing? Fruiting plants require more nutriants than say lettuce correct?

  13. Im just learning, so Im ignorant, but 1000sq feet seems crazy for only 20lbs fish. Where am I gonna get all that sq feet 😂

  14. Over the last few months I have watched this quite a few times. Each time I understand and retain a little more. Today I finally got it all. It's superb! I'm glad I'm going to the schooooool of aquaponics.

  15. im confused 50 sq feet of bsa or 50 cubic feet cause 50 sq ft can be any amount of cubic feet i.e. 10 x 5 area is 50 sq feet at a depth 1 ft thats 50 cubic feet or 10 x 5 x .5 feet thats still 50 sq feet but only 25 cubic feet i hope im explaining my question clearly enough


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