Fish Required To Grow 400m2 of plants | Ask the Aquaponics God Ep34

Fish Required To Grow 400m2 of plants | Ask the Aquaponics God Ep34

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  1. How do you use the FCR to work out the FER? I'll be using rainbow trout (talapia is a noxious species here) which has a FCR of around 1.4-1.5, but not sure what the formula to find the FER using that conversion ratio.
    Thanks mate 🙂

  2. well, your calculation has some wholes. So far its right to go via the feed consuption but you leave out that this consumption is depending on the body weight of the fish itself, usually 1-2% of the body weight. In your calculation the fish in tank one seems to consume the same amount of feed as in the one that gets harvestet next. So a fish in weight about 110g shall consume the same amount as the targeted size of 500g? For me its more a fifth then. Its ok to use for the calculation an average FCR but this one also differs, in younger age this one is much much higher, it reaches in good environment nearly 1:1. It also seems that your fish produces 100% of their feed to the useful Amonium you leave complete out that they produce shit to. So in all, you end up with a much higher needed amount of fish as you calculated 😉

  3. I live in Fiji and have a 35m x 15m x 1.5m deep pond that is full of Tilapia. Can I use this water directly to an aquaponics set up. I am looking at setting up something next to the pond. Do I need to treat the water.

  4. I have been following you and your vidios are just great. Thank you. How do I figure out the growing area in a NFT or VERTICAL system? So I can get the right amount of fish

  5. 19.5 meter grow bed….can you check my numbers for me…..
    Grow Bed Meters 19.50963
    Daily Feed 1365.6741
    Annual Input 498471.0465
    Annual Weight Gain 294.0979174
    Total Fish per year 647.7927697
    weight per harvest 33.80435833
    Stocking Density 149.0515289

  6. Hi there, I'm in the process of setting up my own aquaponics system. Your vidieos are a big help for that! I have a question regarding your calculations. The tank volume that you calculated is the total tank volume, not the volume per tank, right? In my opinion we had to divide it by four (if we use four tanks) to get to the volume per tank or am I missing some ratio there?

  7. You dont take into account that the feedportion must vary. Like you wouldnt feed what you feed to 50g fingerlings to 600g grown fish. Shouldnt the feed be exponential rather than constant?

  8. For having minimal design input you definitely provided some useful numbers to consider before "jumping in". I'm looking at vertical growing, and will search your videos for input. Thank you, even though the "God" moniker offends me. Especially when you are playing in his realm. But teaching to survive is why he gave us voices. Have a great day.

  9. hello sir. so I have only 9 sq meter of space for my plants, I did the estimate while following your video and came up with 245liters of water for every 9 square meters of lettuce I correct? Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  10. Fantastic sir your vedios I need some help I had 900sqtr poly house newly errected I want to convert in to Aquponic system. For beginning what to do &how to proceed.expecting reply sir if possible send me your mail id

  11. Hello, I have one question
    if the total annual weight gain of fish is 3618kg, then the total annual weight of fish is supposed to be 4020kg, isn't it.
    so that, the minimum water volume per tank (using 4 tanks and stock density of 0.5lb per gallon) should be 2037 gallons (instead 0f 1834 gallons) or 7712 liter (instead of 6942 liter)
    please correct me if I miscalculated

  12. I have question:
    if the total annual weight gain of fish is 3618kg, then the actual weight of fish (biomass) is supposed to be 4020kg (3618X500/450).
    so that, the min water volume of each tank (using stocking density .5lb fish/gallon) is supposed to be 2037 gallons (instead of 1834 gallons) or 7712 liters.
    please correct me if I miscalculated. thank you

  13. Problem is that Nevada has made Tilapia an invasive species and you need a commercial license and a permit to own and raise it. Aquaponics options are thus limited to raising pets in my state as growing out trout and other cold water fish take years for harvest. However, koi and goldfish are a couple of the higher producers of nitrogen which means one doesn't need to stock as many for the same benefits and after a year or so of grow out an investment of $5-10 per fry can lead to $50-$100 for a year old koi of show quality.

  14. I have 2 questions here
    1- What is the relation between the number of harvests and number of tanks ?
    2- i have an information from one documents related to the FAO that you will need 1000 litre (1 m3) of water to grow 4 m2 of plants which mean that 280 m2 plants will need 70 m3 (280/4) of water ?

    thanks to clarify these to me
    and thanks for the great effort you are doing here

  15. You put out some quality content. First time math has ever been fun! Many thanks. A few (I hope) basic questions. Where does the .59 FER come from? I will not be stocking with tilapia, but with trout rather, as I am from the Midwest. To complicate matters further, being a small scale, residential operation; I will be (attempting to) formulate my own dry fish feed as well as supplement with live feed (minnows, BSFL, mosquito larvae, daphnia, zooplankton, mealworms?, etc). I have seen claims that dry pelletized feed typically contains a 0.6 – 1.1 FCR, while live feed and animal meat ranges somewhere between 4-9 FCR. Can you validate any of this? Knowing the equation(s) you used to solve for both FCR and FER would be helpful in my mathematical endeavors. Even some sources leading me in the right direction perhaps? Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  16. thanks alot. its too technical but it give me an idea that prior to starting any aquaponic system, you must know the mathematic of it first before you fall into failure & not knowing why.

  17. My compliments, this was your best video yet. Working my way up from 1 and looking forward to the rest. Can you tell me where to get the feeding rates for different types of beds?

  18. Thank you I really enjoy and learn from your channel.
    I have a deep water system, i have 12 beds with size 1.7*13 m. I have 4 fish tanks with size( 7.5 qm ) each
    . Do you think that my tanks are enough to grow the beds plants that i have. And what is the proper size of bio filter (i have a plastic filter) that can help in breaking the ammonium.

  19. I filled the deep end of my pool 3000 gallons and 60 baby talopi fish threw in some pond plants. how much alge and duckweed would I have to feed them to get a one pound fish per day. right now I'm feeding them a hand full of alge every day because that's all I'm producing. it took a mouth to double in size

  20. Hi, ít's very exciting. but i thing daily feed (2:06) can estimate by another way.
    if i get lettuce grow time as 30 day,
    feed rates as 60gr/m2/day (every day feed)
    we have 280m2 ==>we can feed (280/30) *60=560 gr per day.
    thanks for your video, i love it!

  21. Great video, after watching it I realized that there is much more to this then I see in other people's videos. Can you make a video on how you would set up a system for beginners. .thanks


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