Fighting The Bugs And Building The Seeding Tray | The Aquaponics God Ep.43

Fighting The Bugs And Building The Seeding Tray | The Aquaponics God Ep.43

The time has cometh where we now have our seedling trough put in place. A seedling trough is what we use to sprout new seeds and allow them to grow for a short period of time before being transplanted to the main grow out area.

We also got a chance to put some tarp material around the sump tank to prevent light from penetrating the tank.

After a few trips to Home Depot the night assumed it’s position in the sky and the bugs began to attack.

Carlos has allergic reactions to the mosquito bites and must figure out a solution soon.

Don’t know where to start?

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  1. Another great video. I'm feeling bad for Carlos. I lived near you for awhile, and I am happy to be back in California.

    I wish you could post the price of each thing you've bought so we can get an idea of pricing out the size of systems we want to build. I like the seedling tray. Are you just going to put net pots with coconut fiber? I saw someone else post a video just using rain gutters with end caps. That may have been easier, but given the amount of space you have, I like it. It fits perfectly under your tanks.

  2. When drilling with a hole saw, if you drill all but the last 3 mm or so, the plug you've already drilled will pop out easily with a flat screw driver. Then when you drill the last bit, you get a skinny plug that comes out easy as pie.

    Or, drill until you see your pilot bit, but at least half way. Then run the hole saw from the other side until it breaks through somewhere in the middle. Now half the plug is outside the hole saw and you can get a pair of channel locks on it.

  3. You spend enough money at HD, apply for pro rewards, tell them you are a business guy, and they may start giving you the 10% savings deal. Those $20 off of $200 spent doesn't hurt.
    Worth a try!


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