Feeding Rates & Denitrification | Ask The Aquaponics God

Feeding Rates & Denitrification | Ask The Aquaponics God

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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. what did you mean by the plants will have a more access to potassium and phosphorus when the nitrates are lowered by denitrification? Also how does denitrification affect pH? I watched another video and it said if too much build up of organic matter then the pH spikes up.

  2. Peace brother, I realize this is an older video……Is this method of denitrification and catching solids still necessary with the bubble bead filter? If so how is it done? Is it done the same way? I may be slightly confused.

  3. I really needed this video. No one explains how they get the nutrients in there system, they all just repeat fish & plant. I have failed so many times because of this and most of the research about plant are soil based. I would like to see an in depth video of ways to get the nutrients in the system. But I'm still catching up on your videos maybe I'll find it later. Thank you.

  4. Awesome stuff. Inspired me, and got me thinking. I'm a fishkeeper as a hobby, but I would like to add aquaponics as a component of my scientific pursuit and enjoyment.I have been watching your videos, and I grasp the basics. With the exception of De-Nitrification and Mineralization. Because I will want to have fruiting and flowering plants I need to get my head around these principles.Cant a trickle filter act as a Mineralizer or help in the De-Nitrification on a small hobby scale?Space for me is an issue. Can filters and equipment be scaled down? like using 5 gallon water jugs instead of 50 gallon drums?I am hoping to find that there can be a symbiotic relationship between the 2 hobby's. But, since I have only found 1 person trying it out there, and he knows fish, but is a biscuit head when it comes to aquaponics. I'm not sure if my idea is even possible due to conflicts in thoughts over water parameters.Would you mind checking out my video which outlines my general thoughts on how I can adapt my garage fish breeding set-up to include aquaponics?I'd really appreciate your input. up the great work! your channel Rocks!Steve

  5. This video made me laugh. People got some Sass.
    That said…. I have a long post:
    How many people are familiar with the Remote deep sand bed method for nitrate control in a saltwater aquarium, or with dosing Vodka?

    I know that the context is different, because the focus of Aquarium keeping is different than aquaponics, but there's some stuff that does directly transfer over here.

    People dosing vodka find that eventually their systems switch from having excess nitrate to excess phosphate. This isn't really anecdotal. There are scholarly papers written on the subject.
    In Aquaponics, excess phosphate would help solubilize calcium, potassium, and iron, although I imagine you'd still have to dose iron based on how quickly the plants you were growing for food were being harvested.
    The research done on vodka dosing, which has been measured under laboratory conditions, suggests that people are directly tinkering with the dissolved oxygen in their systems by providing a fuels source for bacteria. In most systems, the bacteria blooms, and then is simply skimmed off.

    The other method is the Remote Deep Sand Bed. Getting into the chemistry will get contentious, as there are thirty different ideas on what exactly is going on, but, carbonates, silicates, and sulfur are probably more important in most of that. The basic setup is a deep sand bed, usually filled with quartz sand to a depth of at least 5 inches. After the sand settles, water is pushed through the system as quickly as possible without disturbing the sand again. The method results in dropping nitrate levels.

    The two methods are compatible, and most importantly, they facilitate the establishment of a nutrient chain, especially over time; Anaerobic and anoxic conditions are necessary to provide plants with silicates, sulfur, and carbonates in a stable/controllable fashion.

  6. Hi Brooklyn! Hope you're well!

    We're currently planning to set up a commercial system but we're getting bogged down by the nitty details, specifically for filtration. A few questions we need your help in:

    1. What's the set-up for the mechanical filter? How big should it be in proportion to the fish tanks? What's the best way to calculate the appropriate water flow rate for that?

    2. Similar questions for the bio filters and the degassing tanks.

    3. How do we check if the filtration system works? Is there a guideline on water clarity, nutrient composition? Etc.

    Thank you so much! Your videos have been very very helpful and has sped up our planning. Please keep it up!

  7. Thank you I really enjoy and learn from your channel.
    I have a deep water system, i have 12 beds with size 1.7*13 m. I have 4 fish tanks with size( 7.5 qm ) each
    . Do you think that my tanks are enough to grow the beds plants that i have. And what is the proper size of bio filter (i have a plastic filter) that can help in breaking the ammonium.

  8. hi I have a question concerning Ph in regards to plants preferring a Ph of 4-5 and fish preferring 6.5 and up any thoughts and suggestions? I was trying to grow blueberries

  9. Hahaha I will never question your integrity Sir !! Thank you very much for your time and amazing explanation as always.

    This de-nitrification set up, if I understood correctly it is placed after the main filtration and before the grow beds is that right?

    Will always be grateful for your videos Sir.

  10. I wondering if I am building a fish with concrete would I need to add a liner? Also, would be necessary to have a greenhouse kind of facility to house an aquaponics system that I would like to build in Africa? Thanks


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