DWC or Media Bed In A Small Space | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep8

DWC or Media Bed In A Small Space | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep8

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  1. Hi, i've been watching your videos and learning a lot. I'm wondering about the differences between a flood and drain system vs. dutch buckets. I understand how both systems work and how to set them up. I'm wondering about any differences in the plants they are best suited for?

    It seems to me that the only difference could be how often and for how long the roots are flooded. In the DB system it could range from "never flooded" if the water flow is continuous in and not limited in out flow, to "periodically flooded" if the inflow is on a timer and exceeds the speed at which the water can flow through the medium and drain.

    In the flood and drain, the cycle is governed by the inflow rate and the configuration of the bell syphon.

    So maybe the only difference is that the dutch buckets are more portable?

    By the way, I'm assuming that water quality in to both set ups is the same… ie. solids already filtered out. I know both of these can be a biological filter… but cleaning solids out of the beds is not my goal. (No Aquaponics Maintenance man!)

    So in case your wondering why I'm asking about these and not DWC it's because I'm thinking about plants that need root support (i.e tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.)

    Sorry for the long post! Would appreciate any thoughts you have!

    Thank you!

  2. What is the climate inside that space ? Do you have enough light, what is the temp ?
    If for instance you'd grow wasabi (around the 60 F, not too much light), you'll probably be able to sell your produce to japanese restaurants and make some $$. It's been done in a few places in Oregon I think.
    I'd look at the things that I want to eat, so I don't have to buy them, saving some money instead of putting all that work in to earn a bit which you then go spend again on something you could be growing in the first place.
    DWC is cheaper to set up, media beds are more all-round growing environment, but more expensive and more work cleaning.

  3. No, selective breeding has been around for thousands of years not genetically modifying using shots and other chemical methods and also I would like to see those studies.


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