Dutch Bucket & DWC Hybrid Blueprint | Ask The Aquaponics God

Dutch Bucket & DWC Hybrid Blueprint | Ask The Aquaponics God

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  1. So Dutch buckets can operate at continuous flow?

    I thought they had some kind of drip irrigation that only operated a few times a day (3-4) & required a timer on the pump(s).

  2. In the alternate method say you only wanted 5 buckets instead of 20. Easy, use a ball valve to control the flow to the buckets, then plumb the excess into the deep water tank. Done. I don't know why you didn't see that option.

  3. ok question… the gravity setup….. can you connect the dutch bucket and DWC in parrallel, add a ball valve to regulate the flow going to the dutch bucket then connect the outflow from the beds back into the sump on a gravity system? of course you need to calculate the flow rate into and out of the DWC to compensate, but this could be done? would this negate the issues of needing the heavy duty pump and make it cheaper to run? also wouldnt this still need a biofilter before it flowed into the dutch bucket and DWC?????

  4. This isn't accurate. It should ALWAYS go FISH – FILTER – SUMP – PLANTS…never ever split. Never go from PLANTS – SUMP – FISH. Your asking for massive problems. YOU ALWAYS NEED A SOLIDS FILTER….

  5. Hi there. Not to ask a biscuit-headed question, but I'm brand new to aquaponics. In the alternative gravity fed model, could you split the output of the fish tank and route the split directly to the dwc so that you could scale your Dutch bucket system whenever you want while maintaining the required flow rate? Thank you for these great videos. I'm learning a ton, and excited to get started.

  6. Totally stoked with all the generous info you are are providing us newby's with!!!!! I'm contemplating setting up a system with my son (bonding &healthy eating), and it seems you got it dialed in, as only a God would. My biggest worry now is not having the power go out as hurricane Irma blows through…so I can keep watching your series. Keep up the awesome work, I seat awaits you in Mt Olympus!!!!!!


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