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  1. I have a small system with just two 50gal gravel ebb/flow beds. Uses a 24W water pump and an air pump. Costs about $24 to $30 per year for power. Another $30 for fish feed. Hundreds of dollars worth of fruit trees cloned in it each year. Not to mention the lettuce.

    It is indoors now. Growing under lights. Using 240W total @ 12hrs per day. Costs and additional $120 per year. About a quarter per day. Looks like the lettuce is growing even faster! Should more than pay for it'self in lettuce every year. Could potentially grow well over a grands worth in the 4' x 7' footprint.

  2. I am looking to start up in an extra mud room in my house. It is about 9ft by 12 ft. So temperature will be controlled from 68-75-ish. I was hoping to be able to have about 30-40 spots for veggies/fruit. How many fingerlings/How much to feed (catfish/tilapia/cod mixture) per day and size of tank to allow fish to grow for eventual harvest? Water should cycle about once an hour?

  3. Nice Info brother. I have worked, used EM or effective micro organisms for years, Professor Higa's discovery. There great. You can make up nutient teas from all the good stuff and recycle all your food waste to go back into the system. Increase photsynthesis massivly therefor bigger yealds. In the water at a tiny ammount make the system healthy. Just a though though that the UV system would knock them out. Did you know the original aquaponics system uses sand as a medium so does away with loads of kit? I'm about to start a system though think will be going that route after recently discovering the it. The originator of the first aquaponics system was this guy and he makes a compelling case as to why sand should be used. Seems he never got the credit for his work and others took it, as with a lot of things hey! Here's a link.

  4. i have a micro hydroponic system running with a 35ah agm battery , a 20 watt solar panel charging it. a small brainbox running from it with some feeding timers and a separate solar powerd flood system with solar airpump. growbed is about a square meter. no electricity billl…. i am working on a 150 watt phytoled powered from a different power setup also solar charged.. you only need sun…..

  5. I have a 17’X21’ greenhouse with 72 square feet of flood and drain or Ebb and Flow beds. The setup uses one 24hr pump to recirculate a filter. And two other pumps that fill the tubs 3 times a day for a total of 2 1/2 hours of run time on them. I also run 200 total watts of additional lighting that runs 10hr a day and 200w of ventilation.

    To run this I have 3.2kw of solar panels, eight 170ah AGM sealed batteries and a 250w wind turbine.

    Lots of fun putting it together. But it takes a bit to get it all running and reliable so that if you have a week strait clouds, you still have power.

  6. 9 cents. Holy cow. That hurts. They’re sticking it to me at 18-23 cents. Ouch! Whenever I’m out and about looking at things on the fly just remember this equation volts x amps= watts it’s helped me make some quick decisions. A while back Building with Todd was messing around with some simple solar aquaponics. Thanks Brooklyn 👍👍

  7. Great video. Your forgot to add the cost of water (unless you have rainwater harvesting system), cost of fish food and monthly supplies to get a true cost per month to operate the system.

  8. How does "off the grid" even mesh well with "high-class grower"? I understand being able to be off the grid as a backup system and insurance, but building out a local power plant is equivalent to DIY filters, tanks, etc. Sure you can do it. Sure it could work. But there is a cost to your focus. Do you want to be a food producer or an electricity producer?

  9. It's like you read my mind with this video. I always wondered how much it costs to run your system but I didnt want to be "all in your business". LOL Keep up the good work, I will be sending you footage of my system soon!


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