My Homemade Bio Filter

My setup can give you an idea of how a homemade bio filter works and how to make one. Use my design or use part of it to make your own setup that works for you.

Trust me, this filter keeps my water crystal clear, you won’t regret making your own filter.

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Kitty Loves Tofu


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. If you add another bulkhead at the bottom for a drain pipe then it’ll reduce your clean out time significantly. You can drain out the solids at the bottom periodically without removing everything.

  2. Love your video at the end though, when testing you should use water that’s colored from a fish pond like the one you are showing but slightly filthy and show the difference with a glass of that filthy water and a glass of the water after filtration will be nice to see the difference, thank you

  3. I am going to make one filter based on this idea. Thanks a lot. By the way, this design have one small problem. If the pump switched of , all the water inside the bucket including the filtered waste will be pulled back to the Pond. You can avoid that problem by simply adding one airing point just before the water inlet to the bucket.

  4. I made 2 of these following your amazing video! I’ve had then 18 months now and they have been impeccable, your video is amazing and I can’t thank you enough for this, god bless and thank you from England 🙏🤗

  5. This is the best pond filter video I've ever seen. I feel like I finally understand how to make a biofilter! Thank you so much! We are putting in a swim pond next summer. How often do you have to clean out the filter?

  6. Great job in building this swirl bio filter. May I suggest you place an air stone in the bio filter to promote good bacteria growth. Mine set up is similar but with a 5 gallon bucket.


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