Aquaponics Biofilter | Adding a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor to the Aquaponics System

G’Day Folks. Decided I wasn’t happy with the small static pack biofilter that’s in the aquaponics system so have upgraded to a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor.
Am fairly happy with the build but might add a drain valve to it yet if I have issues cleaning it out in 6-8 months time.
Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅
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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Hi Rob.
    I have a 3 barrel RAS system radial flow settler into MMBF into a mechanical filter/sump.
    I believe my discharge heights on each barrel maybe slightly out. Should I always have discharge height lower than the previous barreling the system? I adjusted barrel heights which helped a little but had an interesting thing happen today when I increased my airflow into the MBBF the 75lts per minute raised the water level causing the radial flow settler to backup. Now I'm not sure on the fluid dynamics but if I fed an airstone up the inside of my MBBF discharge pipe maybe I could create a airlift and increase my discharge rate out of this barrel and prevent the preceding radial flow settler from backing up?? Do U think this may work? Or a can always make a new barrel:(

  2. Still along way from building one but so many good ideas and information, without changing the pump add a T piece and tap releasing the excess air into the atmosphere or add another stone into the fish pond(but than the tap might be better on 2 pipes, minds over thinking could be scary.

    Keep up the great information.

  3. You won't need the down grade the air pump in your new setup if you split the line between the 2 filters that way you have have the air flow wide open going to both.

  4. Once again, great video. As sent via email.
    I was wondering if you swapped the outlet and inlet pipe around so the in flow water enters and goes to the bottom of the barrel and the outlet collects the top water that has been through the reactor, would that work to??

    I was thinking that the water has to go through the "K" media with bacteria before exiting, Would that be better? or maybe it wouldn't matter as it gets churned over by the air

  5. Got half of what i need greenhouse lying in the weeds,
    tore down a hog barn.
    1 inch plastic 160# pressure water pipe 100s of feet.
    the auger to distribute food 3 Inch plastic 400 ft

  6. Hello Bob…
    I have some questions… could you please answer that…
    Is there any culture of bacteria in the bio filter(media)? If have then what's the bacteria name…?
    Can i make this bio media by myself using plastic straw? Or I need special kind of material to make it?

  7. Apologize If i missed it. Great Video! What did you put on the end of the air tube? Just a single Air Stone, or the Junction bar so you can do many air stones?

  8. Love your videos. All very helpful here in Northern California!! Could you please advise the name of the little things that look like pasta? I know you mentioned it but can not seem to find it

  9. Hi Rob, I have setup the IBC chop and flip, I have followed the bell siphon as per video with the exception of using a 50mm pipe for the bell, the issue that I'm experiencing is that the siphon does not stop after the grow bed drains. Could this be linked to the size of the bell?

  10. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the great videos! I was wondering why did you decide to replace the static pack biofilter with a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor? I'm building my first system and I was hoping to get away with just a Radial Flow Settler in my CHOP 2 system.

  11. I have a system heavily inspired by your channel in my garage and I am tweaking the radial settler. Any chance you know the flow rate of the water running through your radial settler?

  12. Hey RB, I've got a question for y'all. I've been running one of yer cut & flip gardens for the past 6-months now. I have an inground pond that someone threw away, it has water lilies and an arrowleaf growing in it.

    Where'd y'all get those pumps from? I'm wanting to use the water from the pond in a horizontal bed to put my Bok Choy into or maybe some lettuce; I'm really not sure as I am new to this practice.

  13. Man another great video been a while since I watched kinda gave up on the thought for awhile but now I Am getting caught up on things time to start learning lol. Thanks for sharing these videos make it seem like something a normal average man can do keep up the videos



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