Basic Filtration Setup | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep12

Basic Filtration Setup | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep12

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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. What I have found that works really good and you only need one pump is the first demonstration he gives but when the water comes out of the tank it goes into a pop bottle that I have lava rocks and ponds sponges in and then the water fills up in there and more near the top of the pop bottle so all the solids stay at the bottom and the clean water exits into the grow bed and I don't rinse out my filter so the natural bacteria can breed in it

  2. Hello aquaponics god 😊Fish and plants are small in the first stage, the ratio was good.but from time to time, it will grow together and need to control the system. And the ratio will be different as they grow. Also the chemicals and filtration calculations will be recalculate. How to do it? Need to relocate the plants or fish to balance the system? I hope you understand my question. Thanks!

  3. I have been teaching aquaponics for some time now and I have to say I really like your videos. They are well scripted, concise and the perfect amount of info without being overwhelming plus the way you deliver your message is really impactful. If you don't mind, I might end up using your videos in some of my classes for kids. Let me know if this is going to be an issue for you


NEW FISH for the 2,000G aquarium!

NEW FISH for the 2,000G aquarium!