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  1. Thanks Brooklyn.
    Im Ex British army, respect✌
    I may be coming to Florida soon from the uk to fire this idea up and make it work…
    I really appreciate your time and all the great advice and time you share in this topic.
    You have brought me forwards in my thoughts and have given me the right direction to expand this.
    Respect to what you have achieved from the barracks to where you are now.
    I'm following your guidance intently.
    Semper Fidelis

  2. I'm currently experimenting with indoor aquaponics. There are lots of resources on Youtube and Instructables that go over how to work with aquaponics with restrictions on space. Some of the more interesting items I've found have been around "Ikeaponics" (no I'm not affiliated with Ikea) or building non-permanent, small setups indoors. The KRYDDA/VÄXER system even gives you lighting. But really you can get started indoors with a set of small fish tanks 10 gallons and up, heavy duty shelves (because they'll have to hold the fish tanks and water, pumps (don't skimp on quality here) , piping,. and a good amount of dedication. You can even work in less than 1 cubic meter of space if set up correctly. Now you won't be making huge harvests, but you'll be able to get into Aquaponics to see if it's really for you or not. Make sure when you're using materials, ask yourself "Would I eat off of that?" or "Would I want that in my food?" Anyone, even with a small amount of space can get into aquaponics. Good luck!

  3. Hi Mr Brooklyn Saint Mickell. I am Uncle Ken here from South East Asia, Malaysia, Sabah. The highest mountain in S. E. A. Is with me Mount Kinabalu here, successfully signing up and get ur book with me. I have a problem in taking care of the tilapia fish. Can u share some experience abt what should we do if the tilapia fish is dying with disease? Does it safe to have them on the dinner plate for others fish as well?

  4. Hey Saint, love your channel. Do you add any chelated iron or other mineral extracts to your system? Do you have a specific EC number for the different kind of crops you grow? Subscribing

  5. As always, good advice. Just a little precaution for balconies, porches, as well as any other place, building rules should be followed. E.g. weight of the system is a major point to consider.

  6. Hey Mate. Been thinking of some questions for last few weeks….hoping we got some Fire topics here

    -Pros Cons using auto feeders compared to hand fed

    -Pros Cons using passive solar heating compared to using powered heaters e.g using back hose to make coils, and what methods are most effective

    -Best ways to control/prevent string algea

    -What is ideal nitrate levels to aim for to ensure levels are under control but also providing plants enough nitrogen

    -Best ways to control/prevent pests and fungi on plants

    -Is there benifets to using low levels of salt in fresh water aquaponics ?

    -Best ways/methods to purge fish before harvest

    -Best ways to store harvested fish

  7. This is wonderful advice Sir Brooklyn, could you do a video on systems sizes? going from small systems, 6 lettuce, 20 lettuce, 50 lettuce, 100 lettuce, 250 lettuce through to 500 lettuce , (lettuce ) being just an example.
    As I have a 6 lettuce system and want to know what to buy to scale up.

  8. My first system back when I was a biscuit headed grower was set up in a utility room with grow lights. I was renting at the time. It was super small but it worked. Anything is possible, you dont need a lot of space. I look forward to your videos brother. I learn something new every day.

  9. Know what, I never took the time to do so myself; so thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge that you've shared. I've seen the haters & I've seen the blessers; you are definitely a blessing to us novice & inexperienced growers. If not for you, I'd be a biscuit headed grower (& I ain't even start my first seed yet)…🤣

    Rhanks again brother…




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