Aquaponics Nutrient Concentrations And Root Uptake | Ask The Aquaponics God

Aquaponics Nutrient Concentrations And Root Uptake | Ask The Aquaponics God

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  1. You mentioned that 200 PPM is the optimal concentration for growing lettuce in a standard DWC System. What are those 200 PPM made up of, or composed of? Is it all me Micro and Macro nutrients that you need? What im trying to ask is if you measured all of the nutrients in ppm in your system and added them together should that give you 200 total? Thats what I understand as of right now, if my understanding is correct what are the ppm (or concentrations) that i have to keep for each of the nutrients needed to grow a lettuce un a Standard DWC system? Having the ppm of each nutrient would really help me out a lot. Hope you read and answer. Great videos btw, thanks for the info.

  2. Too much water or more accurately too diluted of nutrient solution is something I hadn't considered before. Lot's of great information in the video and comments!

    Two questions.

    Does the nutrient concentrate need to flow directly over roots to properly uptake? I’m assuming this is why water turn-over rates are important, to ensure nutrient concentrate is available to the plant roots. Is this also why a 200mg/L minimum nutrient solution is required to maintain plants (for "root pressure" – assuming the concentrate is pressed into the roots)?

    The reason for the first question is that I plan on having several wicking grow beds in my AP system and am concerned that the plants won’t properly uptake the nutrients from the water.

  3. What if the plants drink the water? Just replacing the missing water, does not return the saturation level of the fluid. the plants also consume or retain the concentration. So both water and concentration must be replenished. How do you determine the amount consumed?

  4. OK, some really good conversation going on here. Lets see if we can add to it. We talk as though the feed we add to the system is going strait to the plants and skip the fact that it has to be processed by the fish and how they and their food play into the equation.

    1. If I up my food what I am really saying is I need to up my # of fish so I had better of planned my system from the start to be able to accommodate a range as I balance it or to be able to accept pants that require more nutrients e.g. tomatoes vs lettuce.

    2. The way you explained the way to calculate fish in the "Revised Aquaponics Blueprint Review" based on the UVI model started with M2 grow space, then feed requirements, then Feed Conversion Ratios & Feed efficiency ratios & from there you derived the weight & subsequent # of fish required. What happens when I use a fish that is more efficient at converting the food? What happens when I use the same fish but a higher quality food?

    All of this ties back to my frustration with the UVI formulas. They made it simple (as long as your system looks exactly like theirs). Unfortunately simple comes at the cost of flexibility when it comes to being able to readily adapt a system to all the different variables.

  5. Hello sir. Is there a way that I could contact you directly. I live in Peru South America. I am a missionary that has an Aquaponics system. 2 IBC and an aquarium with grow beds, but I can foresee problems. I would like to talk and get a pro to help.

  6. Nice video man.Am wondering though, if the concentration has to be kept constant, doesnt it mean if I double the water then I have to double the number of fish too coz, fish can eat soo much but there will be lots of uneaten food in the tank all the time. and i think from the remains the nutrients are still loocke in. Am I correct or biscuit headed to think like this?

  7. Ooooh this is a really useful video! 😀
    From watching your other videos about DWC, NTF and a couple of systems analyses where you gave feed/volume comparison between DWC, grow beds, NFT and towers, I came up with:

    DWC: 60-100 grams of feed per m2 per day: 60-100 g/m2/d
    NTF/VT: 65%-75% less volume so less feed: 42-70 g/m2/d
    F/D bed: 40-50% less (volume like DWC but there’s gravel): 30-50g/m2/d

    Do you think this is correct? Also, can you confirm that a vertical tower can be considered as an NTF tube?

    Finally… wouldn't it be simpler to simply calculate the total amount of water in the system, set the feed quantity needed to keep it at a desirable concentration for what you're growing, then from that decide how many fishes you can grow?
    I would also assume that the number of plants doesn't matter much in the end (at least until you have a hectare…) since the extra nitrates will be consumed by bacteria and algae too if plants don't take them: am I correct in this? EDIT: just read your previous answer here, so no, you need to have enough plants!

    Thanks again for your videos and comments, I find them really helpful in trying to understand how to design a decent system!

  8. great content, thanks. what are the total assumptions of the recommended concentrations? i.e. 1m2 of raft bed that is X deep + fish tank volume necessary to house fish at Y capacity (0.5lb/gallon?) consuming the calculated amount of feed?

    my only suggestion would be to add to the video description the Amazon links through their promo program to the cited resources for the possibility of a little side income from clicky.

  9. I love your videos. Maybe I am missing something. It seems like the answer you gave doesn't apply to the question. I watched the video twice. I think he was asking once the system is in full production, do you just replace the nutrients that are taken out? Did I miss something?


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