Aquaponics Mineralization | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep27

Aquaponics Mineralization | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep27

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  1. You can do mineralization in the system but it takes high amount dissolve oxygen through aeration + probiotics at least once a week (mostly lactobacillus, saccaromyces, bacillus, azotobacter, etc). Search for biofloc fish farming system.

  2. Hey AP God, I have been watching your videos, and I am enjoying them very much . You do a good job of breaking things down. I have a simple question. I am running a small baito bucket system, and I am finding that I can't feed my fish enough to take care of my plant with out having an issue with excessive nitrogen, and the plants I am growing are fruit baring. I built a small continuous flow mineralization tank and added it to my system to pull out fish poop to cause de-nitrification to reduce my over all nitrogen in the water, so my plants don't stunt in growth and I can feed closer to the recommended feed rates, but after watching other videos I am starting to think that this isn't a good way to reduce nitrogen because quite a bit of the fish waist won't end up in the baito media bucket to deliver the necessary nutrients. I would be super grateful for a good way to do this. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Please im confused..dont really understand how to make it i need to aerate the mineralization tank ?or just let the solid sit in there for 30 days?i just do some research on the internet but still confused cause some say let it sit and some say to be aereted..what kind of bacteria? Aerobic or anearobic ??sorry for my terrible english..

  4. What I have been wondering about is that if you take out the solids from your filters and put them in a separate tank, would it be a good thing to have anaerobic digestion for a while, after which you can aerate the water/solids mixture again before re-introducing the water (& dissolved nutes) into the AP system. I think that some nutrients might find their way out of the organic compounds into the solution more efficient if at all than with a strict aerobic environment alone ?
    A trickle filter might come in handy for this kind of (aerobic) filtration.
    Cheers :o)

  5. Firstly, When you say 'it's doing its own thing totally outside the circulating system' do you mean it's taken out from the circulating water into the mineralisation tank and then fed back into the system? If so where do you feed it back in? And secondly am I correct that this tank is used to raise and lower nitrate levels in the system by cleaning the media that is used to grow the baccteria more or less often? Thanks….. Al

  6. You mentioned in this video, continuous flow media beds system. I did some research and one advantages of flood and drain is that during the drain cycle there is aeration for the plant roots, resulting in better nitrification as well. However, the flood and drain needs either a timer based pump or a pump with an auto siphon and it costs more than continuous flow media beds. What if you get an air pump and an air stone and put in inside the continuous flow media beds, wouldn't that curtail the disadvantage of continuous flow media beds (Less aeration, less nitrification)? What is your take on this?

    Thank you in advance AP God.

  7. Yes Very good. This is great. Question still. How do you introduce the MINERALIZATION back into the system from the mineralization tank. Gradual and separate from the other processes due to need? or through the Biological filter? or to the sump tank. I understand the system based on your example which is the best on the net. I am building a small example of this farm so that I will build a big farm to turn over to my kids. So getting the example down first is key critical to the business plan. I have seen others but your examples make more business and practical sense. Thank you in advance and thank you for your quick response.

  8. Great channel and very informative. My question is I still do not understand mineralization. What is the media used? How do you introduce magnesium, iron, other needed items safely into your system? and How and How much? Do you buy a Fish Safe additive from the Aquaponics stores? Thank you in advance.


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