This video discusses the best media for a floating raft system when taking in the consideration of time vs money. I also talk about best size holes to use in a floating raft for specific types of crops.

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  1. Your videos are great , I have a question. Do you know anyone who is trying to do DWC with minimal plastic use and no styrofoam for the floats? I plan to do a hydroponic greenhouse as soon as I can get the money together. I want to try to do it with minimal plastic and styrofoam usage. I'm thinking about trying bamboo floating frames with bamboo mats to hold the plant cups. I have no idea if this will work or not. I have thoughts on how to make plastic free grow beds and fish tanks too. Do you know anyone else who is thinking about minimizing the plastics used in setting up a system?

  2. dear god 😉 , i just saw your episode about which materials to avoid building a aquaponics site. materials like copper and alluminium. in the episode you state pvc would be allright.. i am using a ‘foodsave’ plastic container to keep my fish. i contacted the producer of this box what the term ‘foodsave’ meant. in toxology , people are always talking about riscs and exposure rate. so my question to the ‘foodsave’ box seller was about that. i told him there probably would be a difference when you stock a piece of meat for a few weaks in such box would be something else than constant 100% exposure of my fish . for a complete fish-life-time. the guy replied that his knowledge didn’t go that far and that there could be riscs in that exposure. so as an organic hobbyist that would like to take as much riscs away as possible i am kind of stuck. i wouldnt know who to talk to about these risc. so i thought i would ask god . can you maybe do a similar episode about plastics ? which to avoid and which would be the safests.. keep up the inspiring job you are doing and many thanks for all of the work you have done sofar. love your channel.

  3. Hi, Please can you discuss a decoupled aquaponics system. I would like to build a decoupled system so if you could provide a diagram on how you recommend going about it that would be great. The reason why I would like to do this is that I can have the fish in a well insulated room which will save on my heating cost, as a greenhouse does not provide sufficient heat during the winter in my area for good growth of tilapia, therefor they will take longer to reach market size and might not be profitable. I will also then have more control of each system. My main worry is providing enough nutrients for the plants. The system will incorporate a mineralization tank but how often would I have to add nutrients from the mineralization tank to the plant tank (DWC), and how can I measure this. I first would like to start simple, so manual addition of the nutrients when needed. Does using a decoupled system also mean that I am able to increase the stocking density of the aquaculture system because I would have more control over it? I could also add waste from other systems to the mineralization tank, like from the hatchery/nursery and if needed even from Manure from other animals on the farm pigs, chickens, cows. Thanks

  4. Come back to Yah brother. He shall place hedge of protection round about. MANY are praying for you. Fear not. We love you with the true agape love of Yahushua!

  5. Can we get a video about the pros and cons of the IAVS style systems? I have heard several people make convincing arguments for the sand beds with dry cycles and I know that they use them commercially overseas but I have never heard anything about it from a "high class" grower, very interested in how they contrast with western style media beds and DWC systems.


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More Videos on the way!! | DIY Hydroponics

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