Aquaponics God Student System Update | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep. 70

Aquaponics God Student System Update | Ask The Aquaponics God Ep. 70

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  1. Ok I like this set up fit almost perfect for the space I have available only thing is I wouldn't be able to put the sump directly under the the fish tank so gotta figure that part out. It would have to be off to the side on the other side of the grow bed that all would have to be along a self on a wall so I gotta figure it out only thing I have going for me is the availability of of the depth height (having them vertical to one another) ok gotta Go learn how to Calculate.

  2. looks like a good test set up to me.the only negative thing that i could think of is that as your cords move back and forth on that shower bar it will slowly ware thru the cords insulation . my thoughts on a possible solution would be to ether rap the cord with a disposable raping or set up a roller so that your not getting the drag on to your cord.

  3. Thanks for all your videos. I am a bisquit headed grower so far lol. Been running for 2 years only a few fish losses early on. (fish eating other fish) Ill work on getting a video to you but im pretty sure i know all the advice you may give me. lol thank you again.

  4. Is The Aquaponics God Manual available to purchase anywhere? Willing to pay for a used copy as well. Also willing to purchase a digital copy if you could make it available. Currently in the process of setting up a new system and want to absolutely cover all my bases with as much knowledge as possible.

  5. great channel. I have 1,000 gallons of aquariums and i am integrating a few aquaponic grow beds to keep my nitrates low and reduce my water changes. In your videos I get a clear message that the bacteria consume the ammonia and leave the nitrates for the aquaponic plants to consume. Other experts, e.g. Diane Walstad, are very clear that the plants assimilate ammonia much more readily than nitrates. With Diane's statement, it would seem that the plants would gradually eliminate the need for the biological cycle (ammonia>nitrite>nitrate conversion by bacteria). I think a lot of confusion is being generated by these two views. Can you help clarify please?

  6. Always good to start small just to see how everything fits together. I agree that tomatoes CAN be an issue, but only if you don't trim the suckers. One vine stringers don't need as much roots however I see the problem being the height a tomato plant gets in this overhead light system. Only if you put the tomatoes at the wall end will it not become a huge mess later on. Cabbage are ok again if you keep the outer leaves trimmed. I'm not too big on the NFT systems for anything but the smallest of plants like strawberries. In fact, with the lighting system he has, this could become an AWESOME strawberry patch system! I'm sure he could get some plants pretty cheap at the nearest Home Depot/Walmart. Plus suckers can be replanted themselves. Wouldn't take long at all to get a good haul.

  7. Thanks Andrew for your video.
    @Brooklyn – lighting system, can you talk more about Andrew's set up? this could really cut a lot of costs on lighting if i can use less watts by using fewer lights bulbs, letting it roll back and forth




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