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  1. Thank you very much for so many useful information. I am one of the subscriber of your channel and regular viewer. I am a new beginner and want my aquaponics both with media bed and DWC. I could know from your video that there should be more area for media bed but I am still not clear how much should be the area for media bed for proper filtration. We may need media bed for growing tomato, okra (fruit veggies) etc. What should be the water flow pattern? from fish tank to primary filtration (swirl filter or radial filter), mineralization tank then to media bed and to DWC and return to fish tank. Is this flow pattern correct? or need some changes? I hope your clarifications.

  2. Ok i might be new to auqapnics but not to keeping fish. Can you not just put some media like marine pure somewhere in your system and that makes up the difference in not having big enough media beds? To my understanding media is just surface area for the beneficial bacteria but this might differ somehow in Aquponics?

  3. GREAT once again.. (Don't know why I would expect anything less.) There is a white version of that shirt I thought I saw Carlos and you wearing at the airport. Where can I get?

  4. Hi, I have a media bed system 1x1meter bed, every once in a while a plant will die out of nowhere… I have 3 different filters, Swirl that split to MBBR and mineralization, overkill sized, 200L of filter for 800 liters of fish tanks + sump.. Those plants that suddently die look healthy and then in a 24h period they wilt down and die for good the next day, I was never able to save any… First I taught for some reason the bed didn't fill up, but always I check and its always working properly, plus other plants next to it don't die together. It happened like 5 to 6 plants this year. Crop is cherry tomato plants (small tomatos). Do you have any idea whats going on? Peace

  5. Could you please advice some scientific journal articles to read? Can't find anything detailed about correlation between feeding rates and gaining weight, as well as other useful information. Many thanks in advance, mate! Good luck with the Channel, enjoying it!

  6. Great video. I want to concur with the thought that flood and drain does not scale well. I had a lot of great success in smaller flood/drain systems and so went big on my first commercial setup. 3000 gallon fish tank with 225 gallons worth of grow beds that cycle 1000 gallons twice a day. It works. But has its problems. And trying to fit that in smaller greenhouses is a nightmare. Now I want to go bigger and just finding that these flood/drain styles are just not scalable. The solids production on my setup is not adequate in conjunction with my bio filter either. I probably need something closer to 1000 gallons of grow beds cycling 4000-6000 gallons of water through them twice a day to really keep up lol. So get a proper filter setup and just go with the DWC bed(s) and save the headache.


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I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS!! Nano aquarium scape off!

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