In this episode of ASK THE AQUAPONICS GOD I answer questions about microgreens in aquaponics, doing aquaponics without the proper equipment, nile tilapia growth, and bead filter prices.

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  1. I know we need to supplement IRON and KELP for the 3/16 elements missing essential for plant development. I got this from you. But I f** up and put dry kelp powder in and it contains salt! It killed my minnows……….

  2. You definitely need to do a live video lol or get an assistant who can learn as fast as you teach and he/she can answer questions and do live videos when you don't have time!

  3. I don't believe ive asked you this or seen anyone else post but what do you feel about worms being an extra filtration "system" and providing more nutrients for the veggies/plants ill be growing in the system

  4. Hi Brooklyn, how are you my friend I have been watching your amazing videos for awhile and I have learned good things from them.
    I have seen all of your AST filters videos and they are great as well. I would like to know what is the name and model of your UV sterilizer attached to your Endurance filter
    Thank you in advance
    Yours From the Lands Of the Great Pharaohs and Nile with Tilapia 🙂

  5. I think the microgreens question was in reference to a video in which you talked a little about baby greens. I didn't understand the difference either. Thanks for clarification.

  6. I think all those who keep saying he needs to do bible studies…he left plenty references. It's up to you to read and follow the laws yourself. And once you do get that right you'll realize that he is still teaching how to be effective as a follower of Yah PRACTICALLY. We need to be growing our own food. This man is healthy and a genius. This is PROOF Yah has worked in his life. So don't depend on anyone to read bible for you. You must study to sho yourselves approved. Just as he wouldn't be coming over to build your Aquaponics system. He shouldn't have to keep reaching out to beginners weekly. He has a great program here. Maybe you should add this to YOUR bible study.

    Stay strong Young Man. You're doing a great work and it looks great. You look healthy and handsome. Proof Yah exists in your LIFE.


  7. For the microgreens, I want to say I already knew the answer, but not the specifics. My assumption was that the seedlings wouldn't have enough time in a system (a week or two, at best) to be able to gain nutrition from the water. Plus there was concern about the seeds being started. I just don't see a cocofiber sheet being put in a hydroton grow bed, let alone getting washed clean of seeds in a NFT.

    Thanks for your detailed analysis & for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate you brother….


These Fish Are Great For Aquaponics | The Aquaponics God Ep.74

These Fish Are Great For Aquaponics | The Aquaponics God Ep.74