Advanced Aquaponics Blueprint | Ask The aquaponics God Ep23

Advanced Aquaponics Blueprint | Ask The aquaponics God Ep23

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We are here to push the movement of aquaponics in a forward direction. Our primary focus is help you in your adventure with aquaponics by providing you with the highest level of information. Aquaponics is still in its infancy and we predict that it will be the go to method of farming by many families and urban farmers. Our job is to ensure that they are taught correctly.

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  1. Lo lamento…pero tu circuito no esta bien…El agua que tiras a los vejetales no la recuperas al circuito….esa agua es muy importante ya que la purifican los vejetales y eliminan el mitrato

  2. This is a great, simplified overview of a system that depends on those filters. Media beds with worms can take care of the solids. Mine have for years, and what they give back is invaluable. And with the right proportions of fish vs. plants, and 100% digestible fish food you don't need a biofilter either. Though I keep mine ready if there should be a sudden and unexpected inbalance.

  3. Hey! thanx for the info. Questions, where the water getting into the plants unit go? It should go go back to the sump tank right? Isn't that unit (plants unit) actually the main filter of the system? thanks!!!

  4. I'm sorry, but this seems very wrong.
    #1: The plants AND growing media should be doing your De-nitrifying after solids removal.
    #2: Why would you recirculate fish water, (even after solids removal and De-nitrifying) back into the fish tank? You should want the cleanest water, AFTER the grow beds going back to your fish.
    I see no flow going from the grow beds to either the fish tank or the sump tank, only flow going from the sump tank to BOTH the fish (already fish water, not fully filtered by plant beds) and to the grow beds with again, no line or flow from the gorw bed to the fish tank.
    Your artwork and diagrams are usually very good, but maybe you forgot a few things in this one?

    I think you should re-do this video, really.

  5. I assume the water flows from the grow beds back to the sump tank where it mixes with dirty water from the fish tank. With your split method you are sending 50% dirty water back to the fish tank. This is A. not good for the fish and B. not nourishing the plants.

  6. Do you think its possible to satisfy your filtration needs through aquatic plants and animal life? Per my current grow bed arrangement I would only need 60 gallons per tank but have 330 gallon IBC totes at my disposal so I have more than enough volume.

  7. Hello sir. May I ask how important is the sump tank for deep water culture? if I have a small system..10 sq meter growing area for example, will I still need a sump tank? or can I pump the water directly from the bio filter into the raft?

  8. Hi,
    Nice to see your channel having tutorials for the future of farming,
    I wanted to ask that can we use a RAS farming setup and hydroponics setup differently and by combining them can we make aquaponics?
    This my question sir? Please help me

  9. Hello AP God Sir, from experience is there an advantage of this system over circular flow systems? Sorry if i missed this detail in any videos you've already done.

  10. Awesome videos on your channel!! One thing i'm not seeing from your diagram is how does the water entering your media beds exit. Are your media bed only wicking or are they flood and drain back to the sump? Thanks again for doing these videos.

  11. How does the mechanical filter differ from a swirl filter? What about a mineralization tank in a system? Where does it fit in? I presume after the sump tank and before the grow the grow beds or towers. What is the purpose of the mineralization tank and how does it function? My guess from the nomenclature is that this is where the minerals such as iron that are necessary for maintaining healthy and productive plants are introduced into the system. Is there any adverse impact that mineralization could have on the fish or other forms of aquaculture i.e. prawns, mussels, crawdads, etc.?

  12. how do you move the water from fish tank to the mechanical filter? Since all the solids go to the bottom so you need something that sucks all the solids from the bottom layer of the fish tank?


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