1-Pump Aquaponics Systems: Splitting Flow

1-Pump Aquaponics Systems: Splitting Flow

In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech continues a discussion on why 1-pump aquaponic systems work so well.


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  1. Is it effective to have your verticle system drip into a media bed below it and return back to either sump or fish tank?

  2. Yeah, don't want to complicate things with like an overflow pipe or something. Your 4 year old is too busy at school to be doing it for ya….DO THIS INSTEAD !

  3. Thanks for the video. Because of the big volume of my fish tank 40 000l in relation to my gro-aria 10m2, must I still circulate all the water in say an hour? We have a 15 000l/h pump at the moment.

  4. Awesome video, thank you for it as it helped us build our system in this manner… Question… we have an 800GPH than claims 400GPH @ 6ft HH which is where our system is at… after all is said & done, we are moving about 300GPH through aquarium, sump & garden with ball valves controlling everything at all points… is it ok long-term for the pump if we keep it around this 25% restriction?

  5. hey if I have a 4 x 4 row of buckets and have 1 pump in a reservoir, how can I get a H2o top feed/waterfall bucket to each bucket ? hope someone can help!

  6. I'm surprised you don't need a 2nd pump and sump in case of emergencies, and what if you separate the plants from the fish, what's going to act as the biofilter for the fish?

  7. I'm looking to utilize ONE pump in my Hydro greenhouse supplying two bato bucket lines (6 for peppers/8 for tomatoes), one 48"Hx48"W six tub vertical NFT (strawberries) and 5 24"x20"x6" grow tubs (lettuce, greens, herbs? I found the EcoPlus 2166 GPH (8176 LPH, 226W) Submersible Water Pump w/ 15 ft Power Cord (Aquarium, Fish Tank, Fountain, Pond, Hydroponics) that is powerful enough to split flow . My question is given peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and greens are what I'm growing can I get by with a single nutrient formula if so what do you recommend for NPK – I use ChemGro 4-18/38 but would like to keep it simple so that I could mix nutrients in my top off tank that would feed my common reservoir. Thanks – you're video are so informing I have learned a lot.

  8. Would the split flow system not end up with the sump tank and lines needing cleaned more regularly.
    ie. The solids have not first been run through the media beds.

  9. huh?? the plant water drains to the sump, pumps to the fish, then goes back to the sump, then goes to the plants again?? This piping makes no sense… the valves would have to be automaticly opening and closing every pump cycle.

  10. I have a concert floor so a underground slump is a no no
    So can someone help me find a same height on the floor aquaponics system
    i plan to run a 300gal fish tank
    I would to run a bigger tank 500gals but i dont think i should but so much weight on a concert floor (in he basement )

  11. Hey Nate, how is plumbing if I have 6 grow beds when using the split-flow? I mean the right side(In your diagram) pumping water to the grow beds through a pipe; does the water enter GB1 then GB2 … till GB6 then into the sump tank OR does the water enter GB1 then drain into the sump and GB2 then drain into the sump …. and GB6 then drain into the sump? I tried my best explaining in writings! Thank you.

  12. Very informative.
    A question about pressures, when scaling this system do you glue the pvc or will a friction fit hold? Second question, based on longevity is there a better option than pvc for pressure and splits?

  13. Sorry Nate, but you say "If we need to spray our plants with a pesticide that is dangerous to our fish". I thought aquaponics was inherently organic due to the fact that any harmful pesticides will harm the fish?

  14. Q, If you are letting water from the fish tank flow into the sump tank, which of course is not fresh clean water ie untreated by the plants. You then have the same water being pumped back into the fish tank. Yes it will be slightly cleaner because of the feedback to the sump from the grow system, but it will still not be as clean as it would be if it only came from the Grow system. Can you a comment on this matter please

  15. I think its the almost the same. Its only two valves and one T we add to the system and that allows us to control it better. He could make the split flow example at the first drawing.

  16. Thanks for the good idea. The aquaculture should really be separated from the hydroponics. The only reason for grow beds in aquaculture is for bio filtration and absorbing dissolved nutrients from the water to discourage algae growth. The fish wastes should be taken out constantly to provide nutrients for hydroponics

  17. if I turn off the flow to my fish , my pressure is so high it over flows some of my beds. how do I split it evenly? basically the beds closest to the pump are getting more then the 1 1/2 return pipe can handle. let me know what you think. thanks

  18. Hi.
    I have been thinking about this system and it's very interesting. I wanna have a greenhouse in a near future and grow diferent types of vegetable however I would like to grow carrots and onions for exemple outside alongside the greenhouse.
    So my point is. can pump water from the fish tank to spray those cultures outside and pump water to the tank to replace the water used outside?


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