Winter water heating

Winter water heating

How I solved Winter Water Heating problems in the 600 gal system!


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. I did kind of the same thing but used a hot water heater element and purchased a 110 volt temp switch from ebay and kept my water at 85 degrees this is for breeding but no luck yet

  2. This is what I need.  My tanks got down to 64 last night in the garage and we still have another week or two of these cold temps.  Thanks for the idea teacher.

  3. To Ashby Aquaponics, This winter has been brutal, I had about 1500 fish left at the end of last fall. 1000 are sold, but the buyer has yet to finish his system. I don't actively breed my fish during the winter because the fry are so fragile and will die with just slight temperature swings. By keeping the temps in the mid to low 70's, I can keep my fish from breeding for the most part. The fish I have left in the fall I grow out to eat or grow to make young breeder colonies for the spring.. It's just to cold to spend a lot of time in the fish house outside doing what it takes to keep fry alive, healthy and growing. Hope this helps.

  4. I've been studying aquaponics now for a while. We are moving to MO in July and plan on setting up a complete garden system to be ready for next years gardening.  One of the things I've noticed on all the videos I've been learning from is the greenhouse has clear or milky clear plastic.  This works just like sun through your window.  If you can, try changing out your car port top with painters drop plastic, a roll of 6 mil is 10' or 12' wide by 100' long.  However as I say thing, I'm seeing in my mind that the biggest hurdle with that idea is how to make 2 sheets as one. I have the same car port and over the top, just the roof is more than 10'.  So, to keep it from flapping in the wind, the two halves would have to be seamed together….. If I find the answer, I'll let you know.  Long story short, the more son you can get in there the warmer it will be.  Thanks for the info on the water heater.  I will be using that as well in the winter months.

  5. Thanks for the tip.  I found a heater exactly like yours.  In an insulated 500 Gallon System. (2 – 330gallon totes cut off), it has raised the water temp to exactly 80 degrees.  We have some cold weather moving in though, so it will be put to the test. I'm always amazed at how the Males can change color so quickly.  Was trying to catch a Male to put in with some females, but he would change color and blend in with the rest. I made me "lose" him several times. LOL  Wishing you well from Missouri. 🙂

  6. I heat my greenhouse with waste oil… Keeping the temp above 50f. But still a struggle to keep the water warm enough for my talipa…. I have about 1200 gallons in my Aquaponics system… Any thoughts??

  7. Hello Greg. I saw similar tank heaters used and those people say that the coating on the heater element wore off and exposed a copper coated element underneath, (which killed all the fish because copper is toxic)
    – Did your bucket heater element NOT erode to expose copper?
    – If so, what brand and model of bucket heater do you use?
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  8. this may sound stupid, but what do you think about wrapping your tanks with the emergency mylar tarp? For me i'm using it to reflex the sun since it's just sunny here. But I think it also helps at night to keep radiated heat inside the tank.

  9. I just naught one of those heaters but the instructions said that the water had to reach freezing before it comes on, how did you get yours to come on just by plugging it in?

  10. your video just helped me greatly. now to go do some maths to see how much money it will cost me to run this a month. i need water not cooler than 70 degrees F in all of my breeding tubs. (not tilapia). ty !!! I subbed you.


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