Water Testing

Water Testing

How to do PH, Ammonia and Nitrite Testing


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Do you know a lot of these water purifier chemicals are not suitable to use with fish for human consumption… they are for ornamental fish only… be careful with these chemicals if you are eating the fish or selling them for eating purposes..
    I have a question, how often do you feed your fish and what body weight percentage per day? and what is the PH of your tap water? and what feed do you use? also, what temperature is your water in winter? thanks for your help and keep up with the videos.. I have built a small scale tilapia farm at my house.. check out my videos on youtube if you are interested in having a look… I will post some new videos soon… why dont you do some small scale aquaponics to help with filtering the water, it would save you a lot in water changes… thanks and have a nice new year… Paul…

  2. I used to work for the producer of Aqualife Complete and I do know that this product is approved by the USDA for use with fish meant for human consumption, but thanks, that is something I should have mentioned in the video. I feed my fish that are over 2 inches, 1.7 % of body weight per day. Once a week I take a  20 fish sampling of the fish in each tank and weigh them then come up with a total biomass in that tank. I feed them 1.7% of that weight for that tank daily for the next week and then do it again the next week. Fish that are under 2 inches are fed what they can eat in 2 minutes about 5 to 6 times a day. Fry are fed powder (same food ground into powder) 10 times daily. The larger fish are fed 3 to 4 times daily but only the total amount of food allotted for that day and each day for that week. Water temp runs about 74 on average during the winter. If it gets much cooler, I cut down on feed. I started this with a small aquaponics system and soon found there was not enough time in the day. Great questions Paul, thanks for the comments. Hope you also have a great new years!  And I will absolutely take a look at your videos. There is always more to learn.   Greg… 

  3. Sorry Paul, you asked a couple other questions I failed to answer. The PH of my tap water varies between 7.2 and 7.6. The food I use is Purina Aquamax 300 fingerling starter pellet. Any fish over 1 inch can eat the full size pellet and for smaller fish, I just grind it down to the appropriate size.  This is a 50% protein feed.    Greg…

  4. what method or methods and what do you use to maintain or raise pH in your breeder tanks to keep them at a pH of around 8? do you do the same for your tote tanks also?

  5. I've come across your channel as of tonight and am really learning a lot and its very informative and I would like to know if you ship your product to Trinidad..I would really like to have 1 of those kits….


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