Tilapia Fingerling Hatchery Report For February 25th

Tilapia Fingerling Hatchery Report For February 25th

Hey Folks! Mineral Springs Tilapia is part of the Lakeway Tilapia family!
Near the end of this video, I speak briefly about still being weak from my medical disaster a couple of months ago. I say that it is getting better everyday and that I’ll be okay, but that was not what ended up happening.

Mark, the owner of Lakeway Tilapia, lives just down the road from me and has been a friend for many years. He has been coming to my house two to three times per week for years. I asked him to care for my tilapia when I realized that I wasn’t able to anymore.
Visit to learn even more about tilapia farming and tilapia fingerlings.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. hey buddy dont give up! just switch the fish around in different tanks… different females for the males and vice versa…

    give some diffent foods… change the water, they will produce for you.

    i learned from your videos for a long time now, i have hundreds of tilapias now. mahalo

  2. I have a small set up for my own consumption and would like to do something like what you have going on. As a disabled veteran this would be perfect. I have many questions if you don't mind or share some stuff that I've built.

  3. My experience showed me that if they are not feeling it you have to change the fish around or just put new fish from a different supplier in to mix up the gene pool.

  4. I've heard some people saying that as the tilapia out grow their tanks they breed less. You may want to abandon your older fish in favor of the small colonies. Feed them just enough to be healthy but not enough to grow too quickly. Or buy bigger tanks….. but before long you would outgrow your room. Thanks for the videos, they've really given me an idea of just how explosive breeding these fish can be. I have more tanks to buy than I originally thought lol

  5. Hello Mineral Springs Tilapia!
    I just watched one of your videos on how you take care of your fry. Im glad your channel is still up! The first video I watch was from years ago. Please keep making content!

  6. Can you tell me what is the material you are using to make the Covers for the Tanks ? — i tried the Styrofoam sheets but they seem too thin and they bow and crack unless you put a few coats of Fiberglass on both side if you used Styrofoam.

  7. Hey Greg, hope all is well! I am having difficulty getting my tilapia to breed and I find your videos very helpful. I was not paying any attention to pH whatsoever! I hope your tilapia operation is still going well and you are feeling much better now 🙂 Cheers


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