Tilapia Farming At Home – Water Changes

Tilapia Farming At Home - Water Changes

How I do the water changes in my 600 gallon system.
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  1. I've been doing research for the last year…I'm saving my money to start a tilapia farm….I feel in live with this idea of farming fish…I feel very passionate about it..thanks

  2. hey, when your fish are small don't they swim through the pipes at the bottom of the ibc? How do you prevent that because mine do but i put a wire mesh on them, only thing is I have to change the wire often before it rusts and rottens.

  3. I have watched all your videos now and really appreciate what you have shared. In one video, you mentioned you put 1 table spoon of table salt, non iodized, in your tanks with fish that are a few inches or larger to help keep the parasite problems down. Do you use that water that you change out to fertilize/water your yard plants/garden? If so, does the salt impact the plants viability?

  4. hi Greg. how much damage would I cause if I only circulate the water for about 10 hours a day? Electricity is not stable in my part of the world so I'm thinking of getting a solar panel to run the pump for as long as it can during the day.

    I'm planning a pretty big, but inexpensive system because some of the materials are available to me for free. I'm considering tilapia or catfish in six 1,000 gallon tanks.

  5. hello I'm looking to start a small garage project with tilapia for personal use,
    my main question is how do I treat or cure the water so won't harm the fish or humans???? I don't want to add any chemicals in the water that are bad for human consumption!!!
    thanks for you. time

  6. I have been looking around for someone that will sell me fingerlings or slightly larger as well as give me some pointers on other information from time to time I currently have three 300 gallon fishtanks I've been watching your video on how to put together a swirl filter and a bio filter in this video that I'm watching now it appears that there has been a change in your swirl on bio set up with a new sump if you did something different and putting these together I would certainly appreciate The knowledge I can be reached by email at I don't really know how Else to contact you

  7. hello alright, I'm Gefissandro Henrique from Canal Mix. I am also a breeder of tilapias and freshwater prawns at the bottom of my backyard. Here in Brazil I am creating this way. I already subscribed to your channel. I have videos showing my creation on my YouTube channel if possible take a look and tell me if there is anything that could improve since I thank you.


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