The First "Fish House"

The First "Fish House"

Video – 3 A brief tour of our second “Fish House”. A small scale operation doable on a tight budget. Take a look, and subscribe for regular updates!


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Formed what looks like a plug out of 1/4" hardware cloth, Allows water fish waste to pass, but the fingerlings are to large to get through. You do need to clean the accumulated solids off the screen every 4/5 days, depending on fish load.

  2. Started my own Tilapia Farm about 18 months ago, Permits regulate me from Just up and selling Fingerlings, What state are you located in? Nice video by the way,
    I count my fry the same as you (no print out just a copy on screen, and use a paint program to mark em as i count) tried selling Fingerlings took 27 days to get the transportation permit, too frustrating a process atm, so im raising to full size for sale as food, (im in Nevada). my record fry spawn so far is 1600+ (blue tilapia).

  3. 1600 is Fantastic. My record is only 1406 from an 8 inch female. I live in Tennessee. It is just a fish dealers license here. Also, blues are not regulated because they won't live through the winter in our water systems. The only regulated fish is the horonorum which can be obtained with a simple inspection from TWRA. I was able to sell about 13000 1 to 2 inch fish this summer off of craigslist. I have also set up and sold 4 breeder colonies.

  4. I clean the solids filter weekly, I do not clean the bio filter. It's only purpose is to clean the water of ammonia and nitrites. By cleaning this filter, you would kill all the beneficial bacteria and you would have to start cycling all over. It took a month for the system to cycle the first time.

  5. Any estimate on costs of setup? I know this can be a bit of a difficult question as some don't really keep up with it. We are just getting started, have about 300 fry in 10 gallon tank that are quickly out growing that setup, and I need to get something set up outside for grow out tanks. I like the simplicity of your setup. I already have three 330 gallon totes that were rain barrels that can be refurbished into grow out bins like you have here. Then what, just two blue barrels and a bunch of pipe? And a pump of course. Obviously some more with the filters and such, but I'm just looking at the bigger components. 

  6. Don't know if you can answer or not, but do you know on average how much water loss you have to evaporation each day? Obviously this is reliant upon ambient air temp and relative humidity, but just in general, gallons per week, or whatever units you wish. Last night my wife and I were discussing how often we'd have to top off the system and if it would be worth some sort of auto top-off system.

    So we got to thinking, if you having something like a 1000 gallon system (for easy numbers) and you lose 10 gallons per day, that's a 1% exchange rate if you top it off each day. What I'm really wondering is you just put on a float valve, if that % of chlorine adding to the system each day would evaporate and not be an issue or if you'd still have to treat with the water treating chemicals to remove chlorine, chloramines, etc. This thought came up when discussing time management, and the need for adding/treating water once a week or if we could just let it take care of itself aside from the usual water changes.

  7. And another thought, would it be worth putting an equalizer line between each tote to ensure they all stay at the same level? I'm just thinking uniseals with a 1" or 2" screened pipe so if one tank does get ahead of the others they would all level out anyway. Or does it stay pretty consistent once you get the ball valves dialed in? 

  8. I see you have fittings connected to the drain at the bottom of the IBC's.  Been looking for a long time for a fitting to fit on that outlet.  What do you use and where do you get it!  Thanks, very interesting setup.  I learned a lot!!!

  9. How do you prevent the smaller fish from swimming across to the other Tank when they are all connected like that at the bottom? I would like to have a set up where each tank contains fish of different sizes.

  10. I know this was a while ago but if all of the tanks are connected how do you regulate all of the tanks so that each tank stays at the specific temperature that it needs to?

  11. Great video! I am looking into this for a project I have been invited into recently. Are you available for a conversation about my detailed needs and questions?

  12. Nice video! Your setup is awesome! I've been really wanting to get into fish farming. We live in Miami Florida. We have a large farm that's currently not really being used. Can this be something I make a business out of? We would love to just like off our land. How many totes do you recommend I start with? Where do I get the babies to start? Thank you in advanced. Sorry for all the questions.


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