System Failures?

System Failures?

What you can do to stay in business in case of a catastrophic system failure!


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Funny you mention the risk of failure. I'm working on putting up a video about my pump right now, and mention that we will have rebuild kits for the pump on hand in case of failure. And that reminds me, I better put a shut-off valve before the pump so I can isolate it to work on it! Otherwise I'd have to drain darn near the whole system, or at least 100 gallons from the sump above to work on the pump. That's not cool!
    A backup plan is always good, and I think you've got it about right. We have our breeding pairs in the house in a whole different setup, so should we have such a loss, we'll just let them breed back again. But I like your idea to have an opportunity to save some fingerlings too. Not as much of a shock of starting from scratch!

  2. Hey Greg really helpful videos. I had a question I have a tote with about 20 blue tilapia that are about 5 months old I want to race and harvest them, they are about 7 to 8 inches long. Every time I come and give them food I see that some of my males the fins are missing and they're swimming sideways what can I do to stop them from eating each other's fins or faces. And thanks again for thes videos that really helped out a lot when I was starting I really appreciate.

  3. Hi Greg. Give me your email address please so that I can send you a picture of my Redbreast tilapia ( Coptodon rendalli ) from the Okavango River. Distribution: From Africa found in the middle Congo River basin (Kasai drainage and between the Lomami and Kisangani) up to the upper Lualaba and the Bangweulu area. Also in Lake Malawi, Zambesi, coastal areas from Zambesi Delta to Natal, Okavango and Cunene as well as the Limpopo, Malagarasi and Lake Tanganyika. Also present in the Cuanza and Catumbela rivers in Angola. Introduced elsewhere usually for weed control and aquaculture. Several countries report adverse ecological impact after introduction.

  4. Trying to set up my new adventure of my Tilapia. Silly me got me a big tank held over a hundred gallons. It was great. Until this morning. Pop it went! All over my living room and kitchen. Never ever use a terrarium instead of a fish tank. The light weight of it should of giving me a big o Stop. Luckily it had no fish.




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