New Facility Update

New Facility Update

Getting ready to move a lot of fish into the new place If I can get the females to quit laying so many eggs.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


What do you think?


  1. looking good there greg.. I am doing a big fry harvest today from my Niles and Wami/ Mozambique hybrids.. hoping to get around 10-12000 today, I have some big orders in the next weeks and have sold a lot it the last few weeks..
    How much do you sell your fingerlings for? I am getting between 50 cents and 1 dollar for big orders over 1000 pieces and between 2.50 and 4 for small orders. Business is booming lately, just hope it stays busy..
    love your new farm, you have put in a lot of work..
    I will post some new videos soon.. keep us updated..
    thanks, Paul

  2. hows the fish doin lately Greg ? i harvest fry from my female after work thursday wish me luck on bigger number lol  any luck with the breeder colony ur gettin ready for me ?  ohya  my 1st fry 3/4 inch and sum 1 inch in size now !! eatn like pigs lol

  3. got 2 broken chest freezers to make in to couple extra fish tanks should be easy to heat them 4 sure  ! cost 4 them free lol !  bout to get my barrel growbed up and running couple more days ! then going to move back wall ghouse out 4 feet to allow me to fit 2 10 pools in there also ?! got 2 more totes comin also plus been pickin up few lil clear totes from dollar store 6 thru 12 dollar that can be plumbd in on shelves above my my big tanks in ghouse ! water is up to 75 at night 80 thru the day tyme now !!!

  4. biggest female i got from you has a big mouthfull fry i harvest fry from her monday after work cant wait lol  got bout 50-100 fry from small female week ago in greenhouse they are growing good got that female in new breeder 50 gal aquarium in the house now !! my female carryd mouthful bout 3 days then eat them ?? who knows crazy !! things lookin up though !! still hav all the fish
     i pickd up from you all doing good ! hows the 15 trade fry doin ??

  5. On your sump barrel you can install anothe uniseal about an inch above your "system on" water line. Run a pipe through it to a back up barrel. This way, in the event of a power outage, all the extra water volume in the pipes as well as the water that is above the "system off" water line just by effect of friction and back pressure holding it there has somewhere to go. The backup barrel will just sit there empty all the time, until the day comes that it is needed. Try filling your system up to max capacity while running,,, then pull the plug on your pump. You will QUICKLY see why this is VERY worthwhile. Also, when you need to add water to the system the backup barrel can multi task as a place to throw in a few airstones and off-gas the water before adding it into the system.

  6. Good morning Greg! how often you feed the fish in a breeding colony? Does bigger female carry more eggs than smaller female or are they the same? Thanks


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New aquarium setup WITH FISH

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