New Breeding Facility

New Breeding Facility

The build out and set up of our new facility. This is the progress we have made in the first 2 weeks…


Mineral Springs Tilapia


What do you think?


  1. lookin good greg ! nice use of space! see them pools in back corner too ?? extra tanks mayb ?? lol  be nice room to keep warm thru next winter ! i ended up with 1 female and 6 males after my cold water loss b4 i took them in house. put biggest male with female together and her 1st mouthful eggs didnt pan out she must eat them ?? the male is real agressive may have left him with her to long?? im a rookie thats for sure !!! if you have any tips i could sure use any advise !! if you will have any breedin age females forsale soon i sure would interestd !

  2. Wow Greg, how you have grown!  Are you where I think you are?  Man……great setup.  We need to catch up soon.  I wanna see it and hear all about it.  NICE JOB!!

  3. How long does it take you to get your blue's to edible size? This nonprofit "Food chain" on Facebook is saying they have edible fish in 6 months from 3-4" fingerlings. But, they won't tell me what kind of Tilapia they have.

  4. cant wait 2 c an update video ur killn me lol !! my 1st fry r sure growin and actn like lil fish lol  after put female back in the breeder tank she went 2 pign out and her and male been courtn and doin their lil dance in flower pot ! no eggs laid yet but she is still eatn lot !  sure like this male ! hes a lover not a fighter ! the 1st one was all bout chasing and fightn !  thanks for all the advise wish id calld you sooner id b lot furthr along !!! 

  5. Great video…Can you share the dimensions for your 55 gallon breeder tanks and also the thickness of the glass? Also, how many females can be placed into the tank with the male?

  6. Hi Greg, thanks for all the info,I know nothing about Tilapia, I also set up a breeder tank based on your information and now i have three females in one tank carrying eggs. How long do they usually keep the eggs before the fry appears ?

  7. Beautiful system, I like it a lot!
    I have a few questions. I have a male Blue Tilapia about 8 inches long and a female same size, in a 50 gallon tank, i had those two together for about 3 days and when I bought a second female to add to the tank they both beat her up and I had to relocater her, now my male is being rough with my female which is holding eggs… How can I get my tilapia to accept more female Tilapia??

  8. SO I am following the basics and have one female alone in the 55 gall holding in her mouth since May 10th have water at 85 degrees and PH of 8. my understanding is she should spit them by May 17 or 18 then I will remove her and leave the fry in the big tank.  Any advice for a first time breeder?

  9. Using nile tilapia and my sexing got confused a little but worked out in the end.Circle is male and V is female……the site I used was backwards.


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