Minor Problem with Tumbler…Eggs Developing…

Minor Problem with Tumbler...Eggs Developing...

How-to videos on breeding, caring for, and creating a market for Blue Tilapia. All done on a small scale and a small budget. A way to provide protein for you and your family in any kind of emergency.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Hi Greg, I have watched your videos for a few months now and have recently become aware of something I think you should know (just in case you don't already). If a person in Tennessee raises and sells fish he is required to have a fish dealers licence. I tell you this because you seem like a good guy and twra is a bunch of bastards who won't hesitate to fine you if you don't have the requisite licence and I would hate to see them make your life miserable. Also twra loves to confiscate personal property any chance they can (not that they have taken anything from me, but they do) if you want more info you can go to and click on "rules & regulations" on the left hand side. Then click on "twra rules", and click "1660-01" and then click "1660-01-26". That will download a pdf. Scroll down to #1 under "definitions" and read the description of a fish farm. I believe that includes you. Then scroll down to #1 under " rules" and see that it states a fish dealer licence is required. Go back to the "twra rules" page and click "1660-01" and click "1660-01-28". That will download another pdf. Scroll down to number 118 which is the licence number for fish dealer licence. It says it cost $50 (they are going to get money every way they can). also be aware that all licence expire on the 28th of February and not one year from purchase. Good luck and again I am just wanting to make sure you are aware of the rules to stay out of trouble.

  2. Hi Greg,

       The 65mm Tumbler that I've been using, works better if you take the screen out.
       The Bad eggs will float up and out as they expand.
       It's ok if the first swimmers escape as long as you have the tumbler in the tank you intend to raise the babies in.

  3. Hi Greg, I am just starting to breed tilapia, I had some females with eggs but I noticed that the eggs are white not dark, I suppose they are not fertilized, what I could be doing wrong? what is the correct temperature ?

  4. hi Greg,just a short note if i may, those eggs are dead fry, and are now growing fungus, tip: increase the water flow into the tumbler, put enough water into your tumbler so that the eggs are flowing up to half the container, this way they are getting enough water flow over the eggs, this will also help to stop the fungus from growing, this is another sure indication that you dont have enough water flow over the eggs, just some friendly advice for a guy who loves this 🙂 hope this will help you sum thanks, you will also not be able to breed all male, this is done by adding in a hormone that changes them to all male, so this hormone goes onto the food they eat, it then changes the sexes to all male, but never will be able to breed all male, not going to happen, oh man, i could just go on and on 🙂 but please note, NO disrespect is intended Sir, just was driven by passion for this, and spent far to much time and money being ready for a market that was not ready for me 🙂

  5. I have been considering getting a tumbler or two for tilapia eggs. I have been having some issues with my tilapia eating their eggs. It is not a pH issue. The most recent female grabbed a piece of food while I was feeding and held in in her lips for like 20-25 seconds. It was like she was debating on eating. She finally had a couple eggs pop out of her mouth, she dropped the food and snatched the eggs back up. However after another few seconds of seeing her tank mates eat, she snatched some of the last food in the tank and the eggs seemed to have gone down with the food… maybe i should have held off on feeding the colony. She was brand new to holding eggs and its a fairly new breeder colony. Any thoughts or tips? Or is a tumbler worth getting?


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