How to Harvest Fry

How to Harvest Fry

Video 4 – WOW!! 1130 Babies from one 7.5 Inch Female
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Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Have  you found an ideal timeline to leave the fry with the female? We've been stripping the eggs from our females after just a few days and placing them in egg tumblers. But this risks a small portion of the eggs dying/rotting, and of course is an extra step and effort that is maybe not necessary. But we want the female to get back to eating ASAP. Thoughts? 

  2. Hi Greg,
    After many tries, last week I could see my first  fry.
    I have led alone the mom with the fry in a tank.
    What do you recommend? Can I separate the fry, or feed them with the mother?

  3. What is the maximum size of bloodstock you would recommend to try this with? My 8 tank set up has a mix of 500g to 1kg Males and females. Should I select males that are smaller than the females to minimise the bullying? Many Thanks.

  4. I'm just curious where someone that would want to breed Tilapia could sell all those fry? Is there a distributor that you sell them to, or what could you do with them all? I really want to get into this, but I don't want to be overwhelmed!

  5. hi sir i always watch your video to get some information.. i want to start a small concrete pond.. but before that i just want to know if its better if i buy breeder or i buy fingerlings to start my small business.. and how many times i can use the breeder when i buy 4fem and 1 male to produce fry.. thanks to all the information i hope you can help me..thank you in advance

  6. SO thinking I will just remove the female from the tank when the 7 or 8 days has gone by. Then the babies will be left in the 55 gallon to grow out a few months.You think that will work? Any way to know when the babies are old enough to be able to come out on their own? she does not open her mouth much I see her bulge at the bottom of the mouth and see her moving them around but she is shy.


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Welcome to high tech gardener

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